Celebrating Goodwood Park Hotel’s 120th Anniversary

Goodwood Park Hotel’s highly acclaimed Durian Fiesta is back with a new collection and perennial favourites to entice all durian lovers. This year marks the hotel’s 120th anniversary, a momentous year celebrating significant milestones of the grand dame. The annual Durian Fiesta has shaped an outstanding 37 years in the hotel’s passage of time since 1983.

Durian Fiesta D24 Summer Dream

From 14 March to 26 July 2020, all durian enthusiasts can look forward to a splendid 2020 Durian Fiesta repertoire highlighting 7 new durian pastries. The new creations are inspired by the hotel’s illustrious past, a nod to current trends, and anticipation for an exciting future. Each pastry is intricately handcrafted to perfection, flaunting the divine flavours of the ‘King of Fruits’ using the finest D24 and ‘Mao Shan Wang’ durians.

Goodwood Park Hotel hosted the world’s greatest ballerina Anna Pavlova’s debut in Singapore for two nights in 1922. Commemorating her grace and talent are the new D24 Pavlova and D24 Coffee Pavlova, both offering an elegant sweet meringue crust filled generously with the luscious D24 durian pulp.

D24 Party Squares is a showcase of the fiesta’s four popular flavours from the recent decade. D24 Cream Cheese, D24 Pandan Coconut, D24 Coffee and D24 Chocolate Marquise return this year to satiate the cravings of all their fans. Indulge in the D24 Summer Dream, a beautiful jelly cake inspired by the tranquillity of lounging in the sun-drenched lush gardens of Goodwood Park Hotel. The cake is crowned with floral and fruit studded jelly and creamy D24 durian mousse cake.

Set to be the next addiction for all durian and peanut butter lovers is the new D24 Nutty Delight. The cake features generous layer of creamy D24 durian mousse and liberal spread of crunchy peanut butter marshmallow. Durian ice cream cake has become a firm favourite for many since 2011. The D24 Galaxy Ice Cream Roll draws on the hotel’s great anticipation for a bright and starry future. Min Jiang joins in the durian merriment with a new dine-in durian dessert – D24 Golden Fritter.

From 2 May to 26 July 2020, the king of kings – ‘Mao Shan Wang’ durian will be making its royal return with the signature ‘Mao Shan Wang’ Mousse Cake ($72 nett, 500 grams) and ‘Mao Shan Wang’ Power Puff ($22.80 nett per piece)

Durian lovers may visit The Deli from 9am to 9pm daily, call (65) 6730 1786 or complete the order form (available at the hotel or here) and email to festive@goodwoodparkhotel.com. Takeaway orders can also be placed online here. The last order date is 21 July 2020 at 12 noon. All takeaway prices are inclusive of prevailing government taxes and dine-in prices are subjected to 10% service charge and prevailing government taxes.


To celebrate the hotel’s remarkable 120 years, exclusively for the first 12 days of the Durian Fiesta launch – from 14 to 25 March 2020, enjoy 30% off the total bill with a minimum spending of $120nett in a single receipt on selected takeaway of durian pastries at The Deli. Discount is not applicable for D24 and ‘Mao Shan Wang’ durian ice cream tubs. For pre-order, collection must be made by 25 March 2020. Walk-in purchase is welcomed too.

Gourmet Card members will also enjoy 25% off D24 Pavlova and D24 Coffee Pavlova for dine-in at Coffee Lounge and L’Espresso for the entire duration of the Durian Fiesta from 14 March to 26 July 2020.

New This Year!

For takeaway at The Deli

D24 Summer Dream; D24 榴梿夏之梦
$72 nett per cake (1 kg) / $12 nett per slice

Durian Fiesta D24 Summer Dream

Light and refreshing, the gorgeous masterpiece is inspired by the tranquillity of lounging in the hotel’s garden on warm and sunny days. The meticulously handcrafted D24 Summer Dream tantalises the palate with an alluring medley of grapes, blueberries, and edible flowers studded within glossy jelly that crowns layers of fresh durian pulp and sponge cake.

D24 Party Squares; D24 榴梿派对格
$80 nett per cake (1 kg)

Durian Fiesta D24 Party Squares

They have won the hearts of many durian lovers in the recent decade and are making their comeback by popular demand. 16 petite cakes, four popular flavours, and boundless enjoyment. The D24 Party Squares presents velvety D24 durian mousse paired brilliantly with cream cheese, pandan coconut, coffee, and chocolate marquise. Happiness is multiplied when shared, and these decadent treats are an effortless way to spread joy.

D24 Nutty Delight; D24 榴梿花生蛋糕
$20 nett per piece

Durian Fiesta D24 Nutty Delight

This season, Goodwood Park Hotel is upping the indulgent ante by replacing the “jelly” in the world’s most well-loved snack – peanut butter and jelly sandwich – with a generous layer of D24 durian mousse and top it with sweet marshmallows. The new D24 Nutty Delight is the epitome of satisfaction with moreish layer of creamy D24 durian mousse and liberal spread of crunchy peanut butter marshmallow. It is set to be the next addictive trend for all durian and peanut butter lovers.

D24 Galaxy Ice Cream Roll; D24 榴梿星系卷
$62 nett whole roll / $15 nett per piece

Durian Fiesta D24 Galaxy Ice Cream Roll

Since its first appearance in 2011, the hotel’s durian ice cream cake has become a firm favourite for many. This year’s stellar creation draws on the anticipation of a bright and starry future for the hotel. The beauty of the stars brings forth a striking illustration of the galaxy on a layer of sponge, which envelops delightfully smooth house-churned D24 durian ice cream.

For Dine-In Only

D24 Pavlova & D24 Coffee Pavlova D24 榴梿巴甫洛娃 和 D24榴梿咖啡巴甫洛娃
$12++ each

Served exclusively at Coffee Lounge and L’Espresso are lovely treats of luscious D24 durian mousse encased in a crisp meringue shell, shaped with delicate spikes to resemble the ‘King of Fruits’. Paying homage to Anna Pavlova, the world famous Russian ballerina who had given dazzling performances at the hotel in the 1920s, the D24 Pavlova is a stunning vision in white, while the D24 Coffee Pavlova offers the aromatic notes of roasted coffee to complement the creamy filling.

D24 Golden Fritter; 酥炸D24榴梿
$10++ each
Available at Min Jiang only

Min Jiang joins in the durian merriment with a new dine-in durian dessert – D24 Golden Fritter. The preparation of the D24 Golden Fritter puts the culinary team to the test on precision and techniques required to maintain the cool temperature of the D24 durian while the outer crust is deep-fried to a perfect crisp. The result: an ultimate experience of texture and flavours.

The Stellar Favourites

Durian Fiesta D24 Mousse Cake Puff Crepe

D24 Mousse Cake; D24 榴梿慕斯蛋糕
$228 nett per 3 kg cake / $158 nett per 2 kg cake / $82 nett per 1 kg cake / $14 nett per slice

The hotel’s unrivalled mainstay since its debut in 1983, this highly anticipated cake earns its fame and ardent followers through the decades with its generous lashings of pulpy durian mousse.

D24 Puff; D24 榴梿泡芙
$45 nett for 10 pieces / $28 nett for 6 pieces / $10++ for 2 pieces (dine-in only)

The epitome of the popular quote “Good things come in small packages”, this decadent choux pastry sees bountiful swirls of durian mousse sandwich in between a fluffy choux puff.

D24 Crêpe; D24 榴梿蛋饼
$88 nett for 8 pieces / $14 nett per piece

A quintessential dessert featuring a bounteous serving of creamy durian pulp enveloped in a delicate paper-thin crepe.

D24 Ice Cream; D24 榴梿冰淇淋 ‘Mao Shan Wang’ Ice Cream; 猫山王榴梿冰淇淋
$20 nett per tub $29 nett per tub

Offering pure durian enjoyment with an abundance of luscious pulp, this homemade frozen delight is available in a convenient 16oz takeaway tub.

The Durian Fiesta Mascot – Spiky the Bear
$22 nett per bear

The adorable fiesta mascot plush, Spiky the Bear, makes its fourth appearance to woo the young, and the young at heart. Snugly dressed in a charming durian shell ‘onesie’, this limited-edition teddy bear will be a faithful little companion and delightful memento.

The Royal ‘Mao Shan Wang’
2 May to 26 July 2020

Mao Shan Wang Mousse Cake

‘Mao Shan Wang’ Power Puff; 巨大猫山王榴梿泡芙
$22.80 nett per piece

Only available from 12pm to 7pm, this highly popular jumbo-sized profiterole is freshly piped to plumpness upon order.

‘Mao Shan Wang’ Mousse Cake; 猫山王榴梿慕斯蛋糕
$72 nett for 500 grams

This is a luxurious adaptation of the hotel’s very first durian creation – the D24 Durian Mousse Cake – and contains only the finest ‘Mao Shan Wang’ pulp.

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