Do you know? Our human skin has multiple layers with varied functions including something called the stratum corneum layer. Being the first line of protection against the environment, the stratum corneum helps to prevent skin from drying besides various other barrier functions.

Meet stratum corneum’s good friend – Ceramide

To maintain a well-moisturised skin, the stratum corneum layer contains tiny molecules called ceramide. It is a lipid (a group of naturally occurring molecules) that fills the gaps in between the cells and is able to attract therefore helps retain moisture. It looks something like this:

why you need o take care of your baby's skinPhoto: Pigeon Newborn Pure Skincare

What protects your baby’s skin?

There are two main natural substances that help protect babies’ sensitive skin, says Dr Mark Koh, Head and Consultant of Dermatology Services at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. “Vernix, a layer of white creamy substance, provides a waterproof layer to the skin in the unborn baby and helps the maturation of the skin. At birth, Vernix acts as a lubricant and protects from bacteria outside the womb. Ceramide acts more as a barrier to help the skin remain moist and supple.”

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However, as a baby’s skin thickness is 1/3 thinner as compared to an adult’s skin, a baby’s skin barrier function is immature to fully manage on its own. Hence, it’s important for parents to take good care of their baby’s skin. Here are useful pointers to note for parents from Dr Koh.

Recommended baby skin care tips and routine

Taking Care Of Your Baby Skin

  • Daily baths with just slightly warm water and using a gentle cleanser / soap substitute
  • Daily moisturising with a baby-friendly moisturising cream
  • Wear loose, thin, cotton clothing

Tips on preventing diaper rash

  • Prompt diaper changes (once baby pees or poops)
  • Use an appropriately sized diaper based on the baby’s weight, to ensure it is not too tight or loose.
  • Use soft and more absorbent diapers
  • Use water and a gentle cleanser to clean the baby’s bottom instead of wet wipes, especially when diaper rash occurs
  • Use a protective barrier cream at each diaper change
  • Seek medical attention early from a GP, paediatrician or paediatric dermatologist if diaper rash occurs, especially if the rash is persistent or worsens after one or two days, despite frequent diaper changes.

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Common practices parents do that might damage baby’s skin

  • Using strong soaps and disinfectants that are not formulated for use on babies
  • Excessive use of powder, which may have a drying effect on the skin
  • Excessive use of medicated oils, which can irritate babies’ skin
  • Swaddling the baby in too many layers of clothing, which may cause the baby to overheat and develop heat rash
  • The use of pacifiers can increase the baby’s risk of developing milk rash around the mouth

What to do when baby’s skin start to have allergic reactions

  • Stop using products that have been recently introduced into the baby’s skincare regimen
  • Avoid using products which may irritate the baby’s skin, such as medicated oils
  • Moisturise with doctor-recommended moisturisers
  • Seek medical attention from a GP, paediatrician or paediatric dermatologist for diagnosis and treatment if the rash persists or worsens after a couple of days

What parents can look out for when buying for baby skin products

  • Dermatologically-tested on babies, infants and young children with good results
  • Specially formulated for babies’ skin
  • No preservatives, no fragrance, 0% parabens
  • pH balanced
  • Contains substances that help to restore the baby’s skin barrier e.g. ceramides

Introducing PIGEON’s New Range of Baby Skin Products: Newborn Pure

Pigeon Newborn Pure productsPhoto: Pigeon Newborn Pure Skincare

Great skincare starts at birth and mums more than ever are investing in high-quality baby skincare products that address the most common skin issues. The PIGEON Newborn Pure Skincare Series contains a unique trademark formula, Natulayer™. Inspired by Mother Nature, it mimics Vernix and Ceramide to provide a dual layer of protection and comfort for a newborn’s delicate skin from birth. The scientifically proven Natulayer™ formula also helps to maintain the skin’s fatty protective layer by ensuring balanced pH levels.

PIGEON’s first premium skincare series is dermatologically tested for safe use on all skin types, contains no Parabens, Alcohol or Formaldehyde, and has a natural fragrance. The series also includes natural extracts from Olive Oil and Rice Oil.

The series is exclusively available at Motherswork, selected Guardian pharmacies and selected department stores. For more information, visit Pigeon Newborn Pure Skincare Series.

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