Date: 20 May to 7 June 2015
Venue: Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel
Recommended for: 3 to 13 year olds and families
Duration: 50 minutes with no interval

gingerbread man i theatre

Once upon a time there was a Little Old Woman and a Little Old Man, who decided to make a gingerbread man to sweeten their day. But the Little Old Man was REALLY not good at following instructions. What a recipe for disaster…

With strong moral values, and some interesting thinking points for young and old alike, this is a completely reinvented version of our sold-out production. Look out for a re-worked and improved script, re-designed costumes, set, props and puppets.

The Gingerbread Man is a sweet spread of wonderfully catchy songs, rainbow-sprinkled with a colourful collection of crazy characters, and frosted with some valuable lessons to learn. This tasty tale – the one you know so well – is a real treat for all ages!

Tickets available through: SISTIC Website

itheatre gingerbread man