• A free pair of white MaskSafe DET30™ masks 😷 will be offered to every Singapore resident
  • White Kids masks are now available for children aged 12 and below
  • Ample stocks of free masks in Adult White or Kids White are available
  • Additional pairs of masks may be pre-ordered from Sunday 13 September 8am till Friday 2 October 11.59pm, in these colours
    – White: adult or kids
    – Navy: adult only
    – Limited edition Peach, Denim or Black: adult or kids
  • Free mask kits containing a pair of masks each may be collected at StayMasked vending machines by scanning the barcodes of an NRIC, School Smartcard, Birth Certificate, FIN or any Government-issued identification with a barcode
  • Pre-paid orders will be issued QR codes to be used for collection at the vending machines
  • Vending machines will be open for mask collection from Monday 21 September, 10am, to Sunday 4 October 2020, 11.59pm
  • Masks can be collected from vending machines located as follows:
    o White adult masks (free and pre-order), islandwide at Community Centres/Clubs (CCs), Residents’ Committee Centres, bus interchanges, and Dhoby Ghaut (Plaza Singapura and the Temasek Shophouse);
    o White kids mask kits (free and pre-order) and Navy adult mask kits (pre-order) islandwide at CCs and Dhoby Ghaut locations;
    o Limited Edition Peach, Denim

Factsheet on StayMasked

About StayMasked

StayMasked is a Stay Prepared initiative from Temasek Foundation. It provides our community with reusable masks for added coverage, protection and assurance, as well as to encourage people to wear masks when they head out.

It complements the earlier distributions of reusable masks by the Singapore Government. This second distribution of free masks builds on the first StayMasked distribution in June.

For more information about the StayMasked initiative, please visit stayprepared.sg/staymasked.

Second Distribution of Free MaskSafe DET30™ Masks

From Monday 21 September 10am till Sunday 4 October 2020, 11.59pm, all Singapore residents may collect their masks kits. Each mask kit contains a pair of white MaskSafe DET30™ masks.

ultra mask anti bacterial face mask

Adult White masks are the same as those distributed in June. Each Singapore Citizen, Permanent Resident, Employment or Work Pass/Work Permit/Long Term Pass holder, is entitled to one free pair. This includes foreign domestic workers, migrant
workers and international students living in hostels, excluding foreign tourists.

Kids White masks are sized for children aged 3 to 12. Each child aged 12 and below, with a government-issued ID (School Smartcard / Birth Certificate / FIN) is entitled to one free pair:

  • School Smartcard / Birth Certificate: ID numbers starting with T08 or above. ID numbers starting with T07 and below will not be eligible
  • FIN: Children without government-issued birth certificates may use their FIN

Pre-ordering Additional Mask Kits

Interested residents may visit the StayMasked website or use the DBS PayLah! App to pre-order additional masks from Sunday 13 September 8am till Friday 2 October 11.59pm.

Interested residents may pre-order up to 10 pairs of masks for each of these mask types (Adult White, Kids White, Adult Navy; at $8 per pair) and 5 pairs for each of the special limited edition mask types available in Adults and Kids sizes (Peach, Denim and Black; at $10 per pair). Pre-orders are subject to stock availability at the time of purchase.

This table shows distribution points for the Adult/Kids mask kits and the colours they are available in, as well as quotas and pre-order prices.

face mask by temasek foundation

Payment may be made with DBS PayLah!, PayNow, or major credit cards. An SMS link to a unique QR code will be generated for each successful transaction and sent to the mobile number used for the order.

Residents may then scan their unique pre-order QR code at the vending machines to redeem and collect their pre-paid mask kits. They may redeem the balance order from a different machine, should their initial vending machine run out of stock.

Direct sales or payment will not be available at the vending machines.

Collection of Free Masks and Pre-Ordered Additional Masks from Vending Machines

Interested residents may collect their MaskSafe DET30™ mask kits, from Monday 21 September, 10am to Sunday 4 October 2020, 11.59pm at StayMasked vending machines.

temasek foundation free face mask collection

Masks can be collected from vending machines located as follows:

  • White adult masks (free and pre-order), islandwide at Community Centres/Clubs (CCs), Residents’ Committee Centres (RCs), bus interchanges, and Dhoby Ghaut (Plaza Singapura and the Temasek Shophouse);
  • White kids mask kits (free and pre-order) and Navy adult mask kits (pre-order) islandwide at CCs and Dhoby Ghaut locations;
  • Limited Edition Peach, Denim or Black mask kits (pre-order) only at the Dhoby Ghaut locations

To collect their mask kits, they simply need to select the desired mask kit in a vending machine bay, and scan the barcode of their NRIC, Birth Certificate / School Smartcard, FIN, or any government-issued identification at any of these Temasek Foundation vending machines.

Residents may collect on behalf of their families or others, by bringing along their respective government-issued identification with barcodes for scanning.

Residents who need assistance may visit stayprepared.sg/masks or contact the StayMasked hotline at 1800 738 2000 between 9am and 9pm daily (from Sunday 13 September to Sunday 4 October 2020, except public holidays). They may also send an email to staymasked@temasekfoundation.org.sg.

About the MaskSafe Mask Kits

The MaskSafe DET30™ mask has an outer antimicrobial layer. It has been tested against various bacteria and viruses 🦠, with 94% effectiveness against Influenza A virus, an enveloped virus.

It is reusable and washable up to 30 times. With a daily ‘wash one, wear one’ usage, a pair of MaskSafe DET30™ masks can last up to two months.

The MaskSafe DET30™ mask is manufactured by DETERMINANT, which is part of Hong Kong-based textile manufacturing company Esquel Group. To meet the demand for mask shortage due to COVID-19, the company started manufacturing washable and reusable, antimicrobial cotton-based masks.

How to Use the Mask

For Adult/Kids Mask

  1. Keep sealed until needed
  2. Do not share masks
  3. Use each mask on alternate days
  4. Wash as instructed before use (see ‘How to wash’)
  5. Clean your hands before and after putting on the mask
  6. Avoid touching surfaces of the mask
  7. When wearing the mask, the side with QR code should face outwards
  8. Mould wire over nose bridge
  9. Adjust top strap for better nose fit
  10. Adjust bottom strap for better jaw fit
  11. Extend mask to fully cover nose, mouth and chin
  12. After removing the mask, fold the side with QR code facing out, store it in a clean envelope / tissue paper / bag
  13. Wash after each day of use, up to 30 times
  14. Use the calendar on the leaflet in the mask kit to track the number of washes


  • Adult: 17.5 cm (width) by 9.5 cm (height) for those more than 12 years of age
  • Kids: 15 cm by 8 cm for children aged 3 to 12, or adults who prefer smaller masks

How to Wash the Adults/Kids Mask


  • Incorrect washing methods will reduce the effectiveness of the mask
  • Wash with similar colours
  • Do not tumble dry or dry clean

➡️ Related Read: Proper Way of Washing Your Anti-Bacterial Reusable Face Mask

If washing by hand:

  1. Soak in gentle soap and lukewarm water solution for at least 3 minutes (soak 2 minutes for Kids mask)
  2. Please DO NOT use antiseptic detergent or bleach
  3. DO NOT rub, scrub, or wring
  4. Rinse with clean water
  5. Drip dry / iron at low temperature
  6. DO NOT tumble dry or dry clean
  7. Discard after 30 washes


If washing in a machine

  1. Run on delicate cycle

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