Instead of adding another toy or book to their already large collection, how about choosing one of these gift ideas instead?

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1. A Jar of Love

Fill up a jam or mason jar with little notes of love and encouragement, letting your child know the things you love most about him, the ways you have seen him grow and memories of special times shared. Decorate the jar lid with a photo, or simply tie a ribbon round the side.

Where to buy: Mason jar – Papermarket, Spotlight, IKEA, Art Friend

Glass jar of love for kids
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2. DIY Bakes

Measure out the ingredients to make a brownie or cookies and carefully scoop them, layer by layer, into a jar. Add a pretty ribbon and a tag with words of love. Alternative, you can use the ready-made mixes from brands like Betty Crocker to fill the jar instead of procuring all the separate ingredients. Try her Supreme Fudge Brownie mix, and add a layer of mini marshmallows to the top of the jar!

Where to buy: Betty Crocker brownie mix or other ingredients – NTUC Fairprice, Cold Storage, Ribbons – Daiso, Spotlight, Popular

DIY Brownie

3. Fancy Dress Costume

Surprise your child with the costume of his dreams! My Mini Me is a great one-stop shop for all your fancy dress needs, from Superman to Batman, Princess Elsa to Snow White. Rent your child’s favourite character costume for a week – it’s guaranteed to bring a smile to his face!

Where to buy: Rent costumes from You can buy costumes at Toys R Us or Spotlight.

4. Treasure Chest

Fill a box with a collection of little knick knacks that your child will love. They don’t have to cost much – think items like a whistle, a new pencil, a toy car, a small notebook, stickers, some sweets, coloured paper or a pack of Snap.

Where to buy: Daiso, for both the box and for the fillers.

5. A Movie Date

Treat your child to the latest cartoon on the big screen. If nothing in the cinema seems suitable this month, make your own tickets for a home movie night!

Where to buy: Buy movie tickets at Golden Village, Shaws, or subscribe to Netflix. Also check out our list of best children’s movies.

6. A Handmade Card

Your child is always giving you pieces of his heart via her art – now’s your turn! Don’t worry if you’re no Picasso, your child will treasure your heart-work all the same. And be sure to pen a few words to affirm your child and let her know how much you love her.

Where to buy: Don’t buy – make your own!

7. Breakfast in Bed

breaskfast in bed

Surprise your child with breakfast in bed – a great way to start the day on a special note! If you are worried about messy crumbs, get some interesting menu ideas here.

Where to buy: Ingredients readily available from your kitchen or at your nearest supermarket. Don’t know what to make, hop over to our recipe section! These Wholemeal crepes will instantly perk up their morning!

whole meal crepe for kids
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8. Ride in a Trishaw

Too many of our children have never seen a trishaw, let alone ridden in one. Trishaw rides don’t come cheap, for sure, but it will definitely be a special memory for you and your child. Sign up in a group to get better rates here.

Where to buy: Book your ride online with Trishaw Uncle.

Go for a trishaw ride in singapore
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9. Balloons

making your own balloon drop

Bring your child’s favourite cartoon character or animal friend to life with balloons! Most party stores and florists have a variety of balloons for sale, which you can get them to blow up on the spot with helium. If you can’t find what you’re looking for at these stores, check out balloon wholesale distributors for a wider range of options.

Where to buy: The Party Stuff, Harvest Well Enterprise, Party Wholesale Centre

pets balloons singapore
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10. A Book of Vouchers

Make a set of simple vouchers which your child can “redeem”. Very young children will love the offer of a “Piggy Back Ride” or “Big Bear Hug”, while older kids might like “Control of the TV remote for the night” or “Stay Up Late Tonight”.

Where to buy: Small booklets from Daiso

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