videos of baby dancing

You don’t have to be a great dancer to be able to dance. Think you have two left feet? Well hopefully these cute babies (and an old man) will give you the courage to move and groove!

Korean Pop Dance

Riding on the K-pop wave! Our favourite moment: 0:09. When the toddler invites her friend to shimmey with her by tapping on his shoulder. It’s clear who’s the one taking the lead in this dance routine.

Baby Dancing Modern Dance

Our favourite moment:0:28. When the baby suddenly ‘breaks’ into a fall. The adults maybe following the baby’s cue, but its so deftly executed yet organic at the same time!

Toddler Auditions Dance Routine

Our favourite moment: 4:27. How does one move and control your body like this Chinese toddler at the age of three years old? We were still learning how to skip properly. This baby’s certainly got talent. Plus points for his response when the judges ask him why does he love to dance.

Old Man Dancing Like Never Before

Now this old man is no baby but we could not ignore his spunky attitude! Our favourite moment: 0:07. When he decides to just let it go and throw his walking sticks. No dance partner? So what? We love his attitude!

Which is your favorite dance video? Comment below!

Here’s a chance to boogie and shimmy with  your kids.

Singapore Dan:s Fesitval is back and they want you to dance with your kids!

Bollywood, Salsa, Cha Cha, Waltz, Tango or Flamenco, take your pick. With a variety of dance workshops to choose from, this workshop is great way for parents to bond with your kids,

Footwork – Parents & Kids Workshop

A great way for parents and their kids, aged 7 – 10 years old (1hr, with breaks)

Twinkle Toes Class

Specially for little ones aged 3 – 6 years old, and their mummies or daddies.

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