Finding Your Feng Shui Wealth Corner in Your House That You Never Know You Had

Crestar Fans Feng Shui Talk 2024

🌟 Identify and Unlock Wealth Chi:

Learn to attract wealth chi by finding and activating your house Wealth Corner, guided by Feng Shui experts from OneBluePrint and hosted by Crestar Fans.

💰 Practical Tips:

Discover actionable steps to transform your corner into a magnet for abundance, from color selection to decor arrangement.

🏡 Wealth in Every Home:

Explore how every home has a unique Wealth Corner, adapting Feng Shui principles for prosperity.

🔮 Individual Consultations:

Enjoy personalized sessions with Feng Shui experts for insights tailored to your home’s layout. (Limited to 3 pax – 15 minutes each)

🎁 Exclusive Gifts:

Attendees will receive exclusive gifts aligned with Feng Shui principles, a reminder of the abundance you welcome.

📅 13 Jan 2024, Saturday
🕑 2pm
📍 Tampines North Drive 1, #04-18, T-Space, S(528559)
🔗 RSVP here

Don’t miss this chance to transform your home into a haven of prosperity. Join us for an eye-opening session revealing hidden treasures and setting you on a path towards financial abundance. Your Wealth Corner awaits!

About Crestar Fan:

Crestar has been at the forefront of ceiling fan innovation since its establishment in 2004. Consistently exploring the latest technologies and capabilities to deliver high-quality fans for our customer’s ever-evolving lifestyles and needs.

About OneBluePrint:

Step into the modern world of Feng Shui with Lynn, a dynamic life coach blending ancient wisdom with contemporary living. Specializing in harmonizing spaces, she seamlessly integrates subtle adjustments that marry ancient principles with modern design aesthetics.

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