It has been 5 weeks after I have delivered Baby Anne… I am feeling restless most of the days, having to wake up every few hours for baby’s feeds. Thankfully, the only thing I can look forward is the Jamu Massage session conducted by Origins Jamu Massage.

jamu massage

I have heard of Jamu Massage in my younger years and remembered it as a practice that our Malay friends will do. I was actually wrong! These days, Jamu massage is so commonly practised among different religion as it aids in relaxation and recovery.

You wouldn’t believe me but it’s true that my water retention was gone after 3 sessions of massage. Not to mention that my chubby fats have reduced significantly and my body does not ache that much after the massage. What’s even amazing is that my body gets to relax during and after every massage.

After every massage, I always look forward to my next session. In case you were wondering, what is the extra factor that Origins Jamu Massage offers that is different from the other post-natal massage, I can assure you is their professionalism and caring service that stands out from the rest. My therapist was very friendly, professional and guess what, she shrunk my tummy dramatically in 5 days!

Origins jamu massage helps to lose weight

Origins Jamu Massage offers these two wonderful packages – Classic Postnatal Massage Package which is their Signature Jamu Postnatal Massage Package and Royal Postnatal Massage Package.

Signature Jamu Postnatal Massage Package

It’s a one-hour full body massage that includes the application of Jamu Herbs. It also uses heated stones during the massage session on my chest to help in clearing engorgement and blocked ducts problems.

Royal Postnatal Massage Package

It’s a comprehensive and complete treatment package that combines Traditional Jamu Postnatal Massage and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Meridian massage. So basically you will be receiving the best of both Traditions!

I took up a 10-day Signature Postnatal Jamu Massage and have never regretted my choice.

Rejuvenate and energizes my aching body

The therapist was very professional and I can tell that she truly knows her stuff. For every step that she takes, she explains to me what she is going to do and how it helps. I love how generous she is, in sharing her knowledge with me, which is especially helpful for a first-time mother. She has excellent skills in massaging the right locations of my body and that really helps to unknot the tight muscles and aches of my body. The massage has definitely helped to remove a fair bit of water retention from my body.

Easing of breast engorgement issue

I particularly enjoyed the Heated stone therapy where my therapist placed a Heated stone on my tummy during the massage. It makes me feel really relaxed and comfortable. The Heated stone is also great in dispelling the blood clots and clearing the hard milk ducts which eventually helps to increase my breast milk.

Specially Designed Cloth Binder Enhanced the Treatments

To ensure maximum benefit, my therapist helps me to bind up using a specially designed cloth binder after the massage treatment. I was reminded that I have to wear it on for at least 8 – 10 hours. The wrap was comfortable and very effective in reducing my tummy and my weight!

Every session has been a relaxing one and I always look forward to the next. Now, I can’t wait to go back to my pre-pregnancy figure and definitely, to fit into my pretty little dresses! I think every mother should go and pamper yourself as I did!

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