First Water Heater in Singapore to be Officially Certified to be Energy-Saving, with more than 16.4% savings in Utility Bills!
Certified by PSB Singapore

Ariston Constant Temperature (CT) Instant Water Heater

Ariston Thermo’s AURES Instant Water Heater equipped with Constant Temperature (CT) technology is the first water heater in Singapore to be officially certified by PSB Singapore to be energy-saving, with utility savings of at least 16.4%.

Ariston CT Technology

Diagram of AURES SmartDiagram of AURES Smart

Ariston was the first in the World to launch its series of instant water heaters with CT technology. These models are equipped with a flow sensor (or flow switch), a series of Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) sensors and TRIAC. These sensors allow the heater to measure the temperature and flow of the water entering the water heater, and with TRIAC, the heater is able to adjust the power of the heating.

Utility-saving water heater, certified by PSB Singapore

Ariston AURES Smart Water Heater

PSB Singapore carried out the test based on a 10-minute shower process between a normal water heater (IM-3323) and a water heater with Ariston CT technology (SMC33).

During the test, there were interruptions to the water flow rate. This simulates real-life incidences whereby there are other water usages in the home i.e. someone turning on the tap elsewhere in the house, or flushing the toilet bowl when the shower is going on.

The table below shows the results of the test.

IM-3323 SMC33
Water Consumption 39 39
Energy consumption for the stimulated test (10 mins) 411.9Wh 344.4Wh
Tariff: (based on 21.56 cents/kWh) $0.0888 $0.0742

Anti-Scalding feature by Ariston models with CT technology

Ariston AURES Smart Round

The test also shows that for the model SMC33, with the temperature setting at a position when the outlet temperature is 37°C, the triangle icon on the front panel will start blinking when the inlet temperature reaches 40°C and above. The test also shows that the current cuts-off when the inlet temperature reaches 40°C. Therefore, with this anti-scalding feature, Ariston models with CT technology is safe for child-use.

The test does not take into consideration the time spent by users to adjust the shower temperature when there are changes to their shower temperature due to changes in water flow rate, which often happens to a normal user. Taking this into consideration, even more energy and water will be wasted in the process.


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