Mealtimes are important times spent with family. Besides serving as daily pit stops to fuel a child’s growth journey, they offer many precious moments for parent-child bonding. Yet, mealtimes can often be stressful for many parents.


top reasons for mealtime stress

Top Three Reasons for Mealtime Stress

  • 64% – Time taken by the child to finish a meal.
  • 46% – Child does not eat properly during mealtime.
  • 43% – Child might be getting a balanced diet for growth.

Underlying these stress factors were parental concerns over their child’s growth and immunity.

It’s possible to create positive mealtime experience for both parent and child, while ensuring your child’s growth is on track. If you’re facing similar challenges, you can introduce small changes to mealtime routines, and fill nutrition gaps with PediaSure. PediaSure contains 34 key nutrients to provide complete and balanced nutrition.

mealtime stress with your little one

Based on Abbott Nutrition survey conducted by Milieu, with 503 parents in Singapore, Jul 2019.

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