The greatest fear a mother could have is to see her child weak and sick. In times when our children are in pain and discomfort, we only wish we could offer ourselves to be in their situations instead.

If only we could redirect the viruses and bacteria toward our body just to secure our children, we could have done it the moment we gave birth. But our children’s bodies are separate and all we can do is to secure their health by boosting their immune system.

Follow these 11 ways on how to build up immune system in your child and win in their fight against diseases.

build immune systme in child

#1 Healthy diet

Fruits and vegetables are good sources of vitamins and minerals. Normally, children will refuse to eat vegetables but with your creativity, you can encourage them to change this unlikely habit. Prepare meals that will entice children to pick a slice.

#2 Be an example

getting kids to eat vegetables

Show to your children how fruits and vegetables are good for their bodies as you find time to eat with them. Eat meals together. This way, you can bond with your children while encouraging them to opt for healthy foods.

#3 Avoid processed foods

Processed foods contain sugar and other preservatives that do not contribute to your child’s health.

#4 Take in fluids

getting children to drink water

Milk, fruit juices and water are essential in the regulation of body processes. Fluids aid the body in flushing out wastes.

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#5 Sleep

why sleep is important for your child

The body re-energizes during sleep. A child that lacks time for a sound sleep is usually irritated, hyperactive and weak. Let your child develop the habit of sleeping and waking up early.

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#6 Exercise

exercising to improve immunity in children

Brisk walking, stretching and dancing are fun ways of exercising the body. Exercise promotes blood circulation and body functions. Invite your child for early morning exercise and make it a part of his routine.

#7 Eat fish

salmon good for brain

Fish oils are good immune boosters. Salmon, herring and mackerel are sources of Omega 3 which can be included in your children’s diet at least twice a week.

#8 Supplements

Vitamin C and other minerals can be acquired from tablets, capsules or syrups to supplement your child’s need for essential nutrients.

#9 Hygiene

Encourage your children to develop proper hygiene. Cleaning can be done through daily baths and clean surroundings.


#10 Sunshine

Let your child play under the healthy rays of the sun.

#11 Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine. Nurture your child with humor and find optimism working out for his health.

These are just a few of the many ways by which you can protect your children from the harmful environment. Nevertheless, it is the mother’s heart that can bring about protection for the child. Love your children and nurture them with care. Do share with us how to build up immune system in your child.

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