Pregnant women are always portrayed as those with a big tummy, fat curves, physically unpleasant and hopeless individuals generally forced to accepting that lump in their tummy as no more than something to get over with as soon as possible. This common notion is not just unfair but also a manifestation of ignorance about what really happens inside a pregnant woman’s body.

pregnant and sexy

People are so affected by the physical appearance that they fail to notice how pregnant women are enhanced by hormonal changes inside. Yes, pregnant women are sexy. They are more sensuous and attractive especially when you consider several bodily changes that add up to the attraction.

Fact #1: A Pregnant Woman’s Body is oh so HOT!

Why not? Increased levels of estrogen and progesterone result in beautiful hair, long nails, glowing skin, and enhanced cleavage. You might have noticed how pregnant women tend to have shiny and smooth locks. Women who have problems growing their nails out don’t have to worry anymore because pregnancy may cause it to grow faster. This means that you have the luxury of painting them with your desired colours and styles.

Another factor is pregnancy increases blood flow in the body which causes the skin to glow. Say goodbye to your blusher and rouge, and hello to your new natural rosy skin. Finally, nothing is more sensual and sexy than fully enhanced breasts. You don’t need to use paddings, foams or other breast support for your breasts to look big anymore!

Fact #2: Pregnant women can still engage in sex!

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Don’t let that big tummy hinder the satisfaction of your desires. Pregnancy is a great opportunity for you and your partner to be creative and imaginative. Talk about your fears and hesitations. Your partner will understand your limitations and together you can explore ways to be satisfied and happy. Never indulge in the thought that he might be disappointed with your look. Most men actually find their pregnant wives more beautiful and stunning.

Fact #3: Pregnant Women can be sexy!

There are a lot of ways for pregnant women to feel good about themselves. Pregnancy is not the end of beauty and glam for women. Here are 4 ways how to make yourself feel better during pregnancy:

#1 Get a haircut. A change in hairstyle can be dramatic and surprising. But make sure the cutting is not just brought about by impulsive mood swings. Think of what you really like and how you want to be seen. Otherwise, your haircut wouldn’t look as planned and you would just end up with coarse hair and split ends.

#2 Pamper yourself with a relaxing bath. Turn on some soothing music, light up some candles and turn off the lights as you take a dip in lukewarm water, sit back and relax to a cool facial mask.

#3 Buy some dressy lingerie. Try something new and ditch those traditional long and conservative maternity lingerie and dresses for once. Instill comfort by wearing sexy lingerie when you go to bed. This is not just relaxing but also tempting!

pregnany woman sleeping

#4 Think and feel sexy. You are what you think you are. So why get stuck in lonely thoughts of being fat and big when you can imagine yourself to be one sexy woman glowing, with an angel inside you, and an opportunity to enter a new stage in life.

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