Science and religion have always been on the two opposing ends when it comes to many ideas about life and existence. But there is an area that unifies science and religion are very significant to human behavior and understanding – the power of touch.

maternal touch

Medical experts have proven how touch has come to magnify positive results to child growth and development.

You might want to read along as you seek for the reasons why your maternal touch will do great wonders to your growing child:

Touch decreases the production of stress substance called cortisol. Touch deprivation could lead to the imbalance in the production of cortisol which causes the abnormal development of infant brain tissue.

Touch provides comfort and warmth. The more frequent an infant is touched by the mother, the more assurance and protection the baby gets. Fear is instantly washed away and the infant begins to live with security.

Touch strengthens mother-infant relationship. Various emotions and communication of feelings are transpired through the nature of touch a mother is giving the newborn. Through touch, the mother is able to communicate her love and care for the child.

Touch becomes a mode of transfer of skills to the child. If you want your baby to grow as you are.

Physical contact works for infant survival. A lot of medical studies have shown that no matter how much you provide a human being with his physical needs like food and shelter, survival is crucial in the absence of touch because man is a unification of the body and spirit.

Babies deprived of maternal touch exhibit antisocial behaviors when they grow up. They are usually characterized with hostile aggression, depression, inability to accept limitations, lack of giving and receiving affections and insecurity.

Maternal Touch

The mother’s touch is indeed important for the holistic development of a child. This is one of the reasons why breastfeeding has been strongly advocated by almost everyone in the world because it strengthens the emotional and physical bond of the mother and the child. Depriving the child of a nurturing maternal touch is robbing him off his humanity because the absence of touch treats the child as a material being.

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