Develop the Power of Thinking

3- to 6-year olds who have sharp reasoning and logical thinking skills, focused, confident in speaking up, learn concepts quickly and who are ready to learn and succeed.

This is what Kuno Method seeks to nurture in each and every child with its experiential & interactive brain enrichment.

kuno method trial class

Kuno Method is a renowned left & right brain training school from Japan with more than 30 years of proven track record to:

  • Effectively develop reasoning & problem-solving skills – the most important but hardest to learn skills which are not taught in everyday preschools
  • Boost IQ where children learn advanced concepts with fun, impactful, hands-on method designed for lasting foundation
  • Transform your child to be a confident, sharp thinker and quick problem solver

Usual Trial Class Price: $64 to $73
Age Group: 3 to 6 years old

Kuno Method Trial lesson promotion in August 2020:

1️⃣ Northpoint City Centre – $10 trial lesson for the month of August. First 20 only.
Booking link:

2️⃣ SAFRA Punggol Centre – $10 trial lesson on 8 August only

3️⃣ Buangkok Square Centre – $10 trial lesson on 8 August only

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Come across an enrichment class and keen to find out your child’s response before committing to a full term? We have trial classes offered at discounted rates HERE!


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