After 40 (or so) weeks of pregnancy and long hours of childbirth, congratulations, you are officially a mother! Here comes the shift from pregnancy to post-partum, which comes with a variety of new symptoms and questions.

You may feel lost and stress but fear not, JOYRE has got you covered. JOYRE webinar regarding mother’s post-partum recovery is finally happening. Happening on the 28th of August 2021, at 3pm, TCM Doctor Pan Xue Jun will be sharing the psychology, physiology, and body recovery aspect of post-partum recovery. Qiren’s Family Financial Planning Consultant Yang Dan Dan will be sharing family financial plans.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now using the QR code below or here! (P.S. A baby swaddle will be given to all participants, sign up quickly!)

Webinar is in Mandarin.

在怀孕 40(左右)周和长时间分娩后,恭喜您,您正式成为妈妈了!从怀孕到产后的转变,伴随着各种新的症状和问题。


你还在等什么? 立即使用下方二维码报名!(P.S. 所有参与者都能获得赠品婴儿襁褓巾,快点报名吧!)

JOYRE Webinar on Mother's Post-partum RecoveryClick here for a larger view.

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