modern fatherA woman’s role today has drastically changed over the past decades, and this has affected a man’s role as well. This change also affects the way how men and women raise their children. 21st-century fathers are no longer the sole breadwinner or head disciplinarian in the family, and may even come in different forms. They can either be single or married, working or a stay-home-dad, gay or straight, and an adoptive or step-parent.

One of the reasons behind this new ‘modernized’ role is due to the change of a woman’s economic role. As women became educated and were able to enter the workforce, the family’s financial support was no longer solely dependent on fathers. This gave women more autonomy in the family.

the modern father

Another reason is the change in caregiving roles. In the past, research was heavily focused on the role of mothers and their importance in nurturing their children. However, over the years, people are becoming more aware of the idea of a father’s role in a child’s life. Lastly, recent research shows that paternal love has equal influence and impact on a child as a mother’s love. Paternal love does not only help in children’s overall development, children who receive more love from their fathers are less likely to struggle with behavioral or substance abuse problems.

To all the fathers out there, do not undermine your role and think you have less influence in your child’s life, as compared to your wife. Always remember, you play a crucial role in your child’s life as well.

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Written by Michelle Ang

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