Say goodbye to accumulated facial fats. You can now have a slender and slimmer ‘V-shaped’ face using a safe and non-invasive method. Our editor, Michelle Ang tries local dermatologist HAACH Perfect V Facial Treatment at Orchard Central.

haach perfect v shape facial treatment

HAACH Perfect V Facial Treatment Review

The Procedure
The treatment starts off with a welcome facial comprising of a scalp and shoulder massage, cleansing, cleaning, eye-brow grooming, and extraction of black or whiteheads.

haach review perfect v facial treatment

This is followed by the Face Contouring massage. Beauty therapist Joey first massaged the right side of my face. As she began, she asked me to sound her out if the pressure was all right and if it was too strong, she would adjust it accordingly. She warned me gently that some areas might be a little sore due to the applied pressure on specific lymph nodes on my face.

haach review perfect v contour massage

Using the PERFECT-V Massage cream, Joey was swift and fluid in her movements, massaging my face in swiping upwards and circular movements with her knuckles and fingers. The massage is based on the eastern methods of acupressure, where it is meant to be more rigorous, in order to stimulate your facial lymph nodes.

I could feel my face turning warm as the massage continued. Joey shares that massaging on these points not only increases your skin metabolism rate, blood circulation, it also aids in the burning of excess fats beneath your skin. 10 minutes later, the facial contouring effect of the acupressure massage is immediate and visible on my face.

haach perfect v facial review contour massage result

Spot the difference between the left and right cheek. My right laugh line has ‘disappeared’! The laugh line is the line that starts on each side of the face between the nose and runs down to the side of the lips.

Joey proceeds to massage the other side of my face. Thereafter, she applies the Boosted Contouring serum and uses a probe stick attached to a UV light machine to ‘draw’ small circles on my face. She explains the UV light helps to deepen the absorption of the serum into my skin.

haach facial treatment review

Next, she slathers on the PERFECT-V SHAPE Face Gel mask which is left on for 15 minutes. The 60-minute treatment ends with a scalp and shoulder massage.

haach perfect v facial treatment

How it works
HAACH Perfect V Treatment combines both Western technologies with Eastern influence, using the latest skin tightening technology and specially designed acupressure contour massage. The whole treatment builds collagen regeneration and rearranges the skin’s elastic fibres, providing a more firm and toned look, along your jawline and double chin.

Glaucine, a plant alkaloid extracted from Croton lechleri (a South American tree sap) or found in several different plant species in the Papaveraceae family is used in the treatment as it an important active agent for the skin.

The treatment is for anyone who is looking to:

  • Prevent excessive accumulation of body fats
    Discouraging growth of new fat cells from fibroblasts
  • Reduces Puffy Face
    Improvement in drainage and water distribution throughout the tissue
  • Lifting and firming the Face
    Promote a change in fat cells, re-evolve and lead to an increase in collagen cells

All the products used are developed in-house to complement the contour massage. For example, the skincare products contain ingredients such as Aloe Vera; to moisturize and soothe, Hyaluronic Acid; to replenish and locks up skin’s moisture content and D-panthenol; to stimulate skin cell repair.

haach perfect v facial products

Q and A
After the treatment, I sat down with Joanne Gan, Senior branch manager of HAACH for a chat.

tnap editor with haach senior branch manager

Looking younger without the lines
She explains the various lines on my face and points out that my laugh line is less prominent than before. As we get older, our skin loses elastin skin cells and the folds may get deeper, eventually becoming a permanent fixture on the face.

haach facial review consulting with haach manager

By uplifting our face, the apple chin appears higher, and the lines around our face become less visible, making one look more youthful and radiant.

What is the recommended frequency of this treatment?
The recommended treatment is different for each individual, based on their age, skin type and facial surface. Generally, for ladies in their 40s, Joanne recommends this treatment once every 2 weeks. For women in their 30s, it is recommended once every 3 weeks.

How many sessions do I have to go before the results are long-lasting?
This is again dependent on each individual. Each cycle consists of 6 sessions. Usually, after one or two cycles, the effects start to sink into the skin. That is when the frequency of the treatment can gradually decrease.

How does the massage feel like?
Joanne uses our body muscles as an analogy, explaining how we experience soreness in our bodies after a workout but felt rejuvenated thereafter.

As this was my first time getting such a thorough face ‘workout’, some pain was expected. She explains that she has customers who were not used to the massage at first, but after several sessions, they grew more comfortable with it and even requested for the therapist to increase the pressure.

Another point to note is how each person’s skin, health levels and threshold for pain are unique. For myself, the points on my lower chin and eyebrows were the most sensitive spots.

Is this treatment safe of pregnant ladies?
Yes. Because this is a non-invasive treatment, it is suitable and especially helpful for pregnant ladies in reducing under eye puffiness and water retention.

While you may experience some slight pain during the contour massage, it does not last for long and the results were visibly immediate. I couldn’t help but to keep touching my cheeks for the next two days as I could not believe supple and firm it became. What’s useful to know is before and after each treatment, there will be a one-to-one consultation with a HAACH therapist, where you can learn tips on good skin care routine and simple face massage techniques to do at home.

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Started in 1997, HAACH is a trusted and award recognizing homegrown service provider in the Face, Skin, Body and Product Care industry. It combines Western Technology with Eastern Influence to provide a comprehensive “Total Lifestyle Wellness” program that encompasses more than 90 customized beauty and wellness services.

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