Remember the joy and excitement when your baby took his or her first steps?

Or have a bub who’s still learning how to walk? Don’t hurry them just yet.

Finding The Perfect Shoe For Your Baby And Toddler

According to Oliver Fawcett, Director & Principal Podiatrist at Foot Health Clinic, a newborn’s feet are formed mostly of cartilage.

As they reach their first birthday, their bones would have begun to develop, in order to prepare them for their first few steps.

As they take their first steps around 18 months, most of the feet bones will be fully formed.

Feet muscles and ligaments slowly become stronger when babies transit into toddlerhood (3 years old). Their foot posture will also change as the arches of their feet develop.

Your baby might take a few wobbles and tumbles at first, but with practice, they will slowly find their balance and footing.

This is why it’s important that the shoes you buy for your baby do not constrict their feet and walking movements.

Finding The Best Shoes For Your Kids Online

Finding The Perfect Shoe For Your Baby

Today, more people are turning to online shopping for convenience, variety, and price.

You can even shop for your child’s shoes successfully online.

When shopping for shoes online, look for brands that provide clear sizing information and guides on their website.

Most importantly, check the online store’s return policy, if they allow you to exchange your purchases for a more suitable sizing.

Your baby’s feet will grow very quickly during development, it’s important for you to check their shoe size every few months.

Here are some Dos and Don’ts when shopping for baby’s or toddler’s shoes.

Do’s Don’ts
Go for lightweight shoes. Shoes should not be heavy.
Choose shoes with firm fastening mechanisms such as velcro straps or a buckle. These help to hold your feet in place. Shoes should not have any detachable decorative accessories or sharp fasteners which can pose as choking hazards or cause cuts.
Check that the sole is flexible by giving it a slight bend. A nonskid rubber sole with ridges offers good friction. Sole of shoes should not be stiff, and the sole should not be so smooth.
Choose a breathable, lightweight and non-toxic material. Soft leather, breathable mesh or cloth is best. Avoid stiff leather and stay clear of plastics or synthetics which are not breathable.
To check if it is the right shoe size, feel around the toe area. There should be enough wiggle room at the toe area, even with socks on. Don’t get shoes that fit just right or are too small. This restricts toe and foot movement.
Go for shoes with a flat arch and low heel. Toddlers have flat feet, so their shoes should simulate barefoot conditions. Shoes should not have additional arch support, and should never have an elevated heel.

Source: Baby Centre, Baby Hints and Tips

It’s always best to buy your baby new shoes. Why?

Second-hand shoes may not give your baby the right support. The shoe may have already been shaped or fitted to the previous child’s feet, and the soles might have been worn after use.

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