Potty training is something we, as parents, all have to go through. As your child shows signs that he is developmentally ready for baby potty training and acts somewhat interested, it is time to begin. Make it fun to potty, children will grasp the idea in a much more positive manner. Here are a few tricks and ideas on potty training for todders.

If parents praise the use of the potty, children are more likely to become potty trained quicker. They are also likely to have fewer accidents after he or she has been potty trained. Praise and rewards are one of the best ways to keep your child’s interest during the potty training stage.

Potty Training your babyCreate your free potty training charts or sticker charts for your child’s potty times. Give him or her a sticker every time they use the potty and allow them to add these stickers to their chart. You can turn this into a game or just leave it as a reward system. Regardless, kids will love this.

We learn from watching others and children are no different. Let your child come with you to potty, children will naturally pick up on the action and want to do like mom and / or dad do.

Allow your child to drink a lot throughout the day and remind (or ask) him to go toilet. The more he or she drinks, the more often they will have to pee. The more they potty, throughout the day, the higher chance you have of potty training them quickly. Like anything, the more you use it the more natural it becomes.

There are tons of books and videos on potty training for toddlers. Take your son or daughter shopping and allow them to pick out a few books and a video or two. Sit down and read these books frequently to your child. Allow him to watch potty training videos often. Both of these exercises teach about potty training, again familiarizing your child with the concept.

Bowel movements are the scariest for a child to do on the potty. If you child needs to have a bowel movement, play some music or read a book while they sit on the potty. The goal here is to make them comfortable and forget about the fear. This fear is psychological; they do not know they are scared.

There are many things you can tackle the question of how to potty train child and make going toilet something your children will enjoy. Make it fun and comfortable to go potty – children will latch onto this and actually want to potty rather than fight it. Potty training is time consuming so do exercise patience.

If you have some good ways to toilet train your child, how about sharing with us your potty training tips by leaving us a comment!

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