Experience Chinese Singaporean culture from the comfort of your own home during the Circuit Breaker!

Running out of things to do as we stay #sghometogether? The Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre presents six fun things to get through the circuit breaker. While our permanent exhibition SINGAPO人: Discovering Chinese Singaporean Culture may be closed, for now, you can check out these activities from our partners and Arts Tenants for a refreshing spin on our Chinese Singaporean culture that will shake up your home routine and keep our #culturealive!

1. Join in the #SINGAPO人 conversation

SINGAPOREN conversation

For those who want to learn more about cultural values cherished by the Chinese community, and how these values are especially relevant during these extraordinary times, follow us on Instagram.

Take a step further by participating in our ongoing #SINGAPO人 movement where Singaporeans such as Mediacorp artistes like Ayden Sng and Chantalle Ng, artists and arts groups like Ah Guo, Tay Ke Xin, Siong Leng Musical Association, business owners and individuals have shared their photos and stories to help inspire and spread positively during this difficult times. All you have to do is simply share your photo and story on Instagram using the hashtag #SINGAPO人 #SGUnited #CultureAlive, and be sure to tag us @SingaporeChineseCulturalCentre!

2. Go beyond Dalgona Coffee…

Make Coffee Benjamin TanHow to make sock coffee by Benjamin Tan. Something coffee-lovers can try at home besides Dalgona coffee. Image courtesy of Benjamin Tan.

By becoming a master at making your favourite local kopi. From kopi peng siew dai (iced coffee with less sugar) to even the longest drink combination one can possibly order – kopi si gao siew dai bua shio (coffee with evaporated milk, extra strong, with less sugar, lukewarm), learn how you can make a competent cup of traditional coffee using a coffee sock with this guide by Benjamin Tan from 195 Pearl Hill Cafe.

3. Breathe life into Singapore’s scenic sights with…

Local illustrators Ah Guo and Lee Xin Li while counting down the days till you can head to the great outdoors! Unleash your creativity and make our local favourite spaces come to life with these colouring templates! Great fun for the whole family as we #stayhomeforsg.

SINGAPOREN Ah GuoImage courtesy of Ah Guo illustration.

You may find Ah Guo’s colouring template here and Lee Xin Li’s here.

4. Pick up Teochew with…

Opera NamHwa SCCCImage courtesy of Nam Hwa Opera.

Nam Hwa Opera, one of Singapore’s oldest Teochew opera associations with 57 years of history. Spend some quality time with your elders at home and immerse yourself in the culturally rich performances as they share some of their favourite works online.

Learn about the rich history behind this traditional artform and connect with your grandparents by picking up some Teochew! Catch the opera performances on their Facebook page here.

5. Groove to electrifying beats with…

Drum Feng concertImage courtesy of DRUM FENG.

DRUM FENG in the comfort of your own home as the award-winning drum ensemble brings snippets of their inaugural concert DRUM FENG: UNLEASHED online.

Aside from classic Chinese pieces such as “Ox vs Tiger” and “A Well-Matched Fight”, popular, the concert also features cross-genre self-composed originals, spreading the joy of drumming through their music. Watch snippets of DRUM FENG: UNLEASHED here.

6. Finally, sit back and relax with…

Teng EnsembleImage courtesy of The TENG Ensemble.

Renowned Singaporean arts company The TENG Ensemble as they bring you rousing renditions of popular hits through a blend of Eastern and Western tunes, reimagining the possibilities of Chinese music.

Look forward to upbeat renditions of popular songs such as Bad Guy by Billie Eilish and a medley of Bruno Mars’ greatest tracks. Don’t miss their #RELIVE series as well, which brings you some of the ensemble’s greatest concerts in the comfort of your own home.

Listen to The TENG Ensemble’s latest compositions on their YouTube Channel here.

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