Looking for ways to get your child to love reading? Come visit one of the National Library Board’s (NLB) Early Read Carnivals and see how activities like Clay Modelling and Word Fishing can make reading fun for the whole family! This event is highly recommended for children aged 6 and below.

Early Read Carnivals

Admission is free and no registration is required. The first session starts on 17 October 2015 at Woodlands Regional Library. For more details on the programmes available, please refer to www.nlb.gov.sg/golibrary.

Upcoming activities


Part of NLB’s Early READ initiative, the Early Read Carnivals showcase activities which educators and parents can engage their students and children in to enhance the reading experience.

The activities are recommended for children below the age of 6 and comprise five Early Literacy Practices:

  • PLAY – Fun activities are incorporated to make reading more interactive and help children think symbolically
  • WRITE – Children are invited to scribble or draw what they see in various books, which help them develop eye-hand coordination and fine motor control.
  • TALK – Storytelling sessions help children learn new words and express themselves
  • SING – Singing a poem or rhyme increases a children’s awareness of the words and their sensitivity to the sounds
  • READ – Reading together helps develop vocabulary, comprehension and general knowledge.


Tote Bag Painting
Some children have a special book they love reading over and over again. Others simply love stories with a particular character in them. At the Early Read Carnivals, children will get the opportunity to bring their favourite book to life by painting the book covers or pictures from the story onto their very own tote bag!

Paper Cup Telephone
Relive your childhood together with your child through the paper cup telephone game. Make your very own paper cup telephone and take turns to speak and listen with your child. Watch your child gain valuable conversation skills through this fun activity and also learn to take turns to speak.

Bumpy Alphabets
Young children learn easily when they can see, hear or even touch the object. This activity will get your children’s fingers walking the alphabet. Children will get to use a marker and write one letter of the alphabet on each card, then trace over each of these letters using white glue. Once the cards are dry, you can play a bumpy game with your child and have fun guessing the letters!

Making a Music Shaker
Shake, Rattle and Roll! Make your own music shaker and sing along to various songs with your children!

Word Fishing
Go fish and get hooked on learning words! Children will learn to read while fishing for letters and words in the word pond.

Alphabet Clay Modelling
Roll it, squish it, stretch it – children will be provided with alphabet cards and modelling clay and tasked to shape the clay into shape of the letters. This activity helps children become familiar with the shape of each letter and learn about the alphabet!

Puppet Talk
Let your fingers to do the talking! Add to the fun of storytelling by making finger puppets with your children at our booth and telling your very own stories.

My Reading Tree
Learn how to make a reading tree! Write the title, draw a picture or write some of your child’s favourite words from a story that you have read on paper leaves. Add these leaves to your ‘Reading Tree’ and watch with pride as the tree grows along with your child’s reading journey.