Talk about chicken dishes, what comes to your mind? Chicken rice, nasi briyani, chicken soup and everyone’s favourite fried chicken. Consumption of chicken meat is common in Singapore, but how much do you know about the chicken you and your family are eating on a daily basis? Ever wonder how these chickens are raised and fed? Or what are the health benefits and hazards after consuming them? You will be surprised after knowing the facts below!

Chicken Dishes Kee Song

Benefits of consuming chicken meat

Nutrients from Chicken

Consuming chicken meat provides us with an important source of high-quality protein that aids in healthy muscle growth and development. Our body requires protein to build and restore tissues too. Besides protein, chicken meat also contains minerals like zinc and iron, which are important for our general health, and vitamins like B3, B7 and B12 help to ensure the proper functioning of our body.

Chicken meat is also low in saturated fat – a piece of skinless chicken breast meat only has 1g of saturated fat! With all these important minerals and nutrients, it is highly recommended to include chicken in our daily meals.

HOWEVER… Is the chicken we eat safe and healthy for our consumption?

Few will know that antibiotics have been widely used by farmers on the animals to help them grow bigger and ‘healthier’. It is also administered to the broilers to prevent them from developing contagious diseases that can easily wipe up the population at the farm, such as bird flu and E. Coli infection.

kee song chicken taking antibiotics

Some of these poultries sold in the market are labelled as antibiotics-free not because antibiotics weren’t administered on them, but because these chemicals were withdrawn for a period of time prior to the day of slaughter, allowing the level of antibiotics to fall between the acceptable range.

As we consume these chicken, traces of these antibiotics left in the chicken enter our body and may pose a health risk to us. Our body will get immune to this low level of antibiotics as we are consuming them on a regular basis. The nutritional content that gain from eating these chicken are much lower in value due to the chemical used. That being said, it is extremely important to purchase antibiotic-free chicken from a safe and reliable source for you and your family! Where can you purchase quality and healthy poultries?

Have you heard about Kee Song Brothers?

Kee Song Brothers Poultry Singapore

Kee Song Brothers started their business in 1987 from a local supplier to a leading poultry producer in Singapore and Malaysia. Kee Song Group owns several farms in Malaysia to meet the growing demands of quality grade poultries around the region. Over the years, they have ventured into innovative farming techniques to produce healthier poultries for mankind. So what makes their poultries healthier and better?

In 2007, Kee Song brought in advanced lactobacillus farming technology and introduced a new and advanced way of producing healthier chickens. This was how Kee Song Lacto Chickens (also known as Sakura Chickens over at NTUC) came about and have been sold in local supermarkets since. It has even won the Merit for Innovation Award (2009-2011) from Singapore Institute of Food Science and Technology!

chickens rearing farm in Singapore Kee Song

In recent years, Kee Song Brothers tied up with Otemchi Biotechnologies, a local firm that specializes in Lactobacillus Technology to culture their own lactobacillus feed technology. Dr. Chia, Director of Otemchi Biotechnologies, found out that the Lactobacillus strains found locally are more powerful and effective for farming, due to the environment we live in. The chickens reared in Kee Song farms were given lactobacillus together with their feeds and they are not injected with antibiotics or artificial growth hormones.

What exactly is lactobacillus?

Lactobacillus (also known as probiotic) is a good and friendly bacteria that help to combat harmful bacteria in a natural way. It can be found in fermented foods such as yogurt and kimchi. Lactobacillus is also required in our body to give us a healthier gut.

Kee Song Chicken Lactobacillus

Having said that, Lactobacillus also helps to build up immunity against infection. After consuming lactobacillus, these chicken in Kee Song farms are found to have lower saturated fats and cholesterol than normal broiler. Using more advanced lactobacillus technology, stronger strains were specially cultured to produce Lacto Chicken.

How are Lacto Chickens raised in Kee Song Farm?

Kee Song Farm at Yong Peng Malaysia

If you walk into the farm, you will be surprised to hear Mozart’s music playing in the background! The owners believe that classical music has the ability to calm the chickens. Kee Song Brothers takes pride in providing a conducive environment for these chickens to thrive. Even the little details; the temperature of the environment and the lighting were adjusted to provide warmth and comfort to the chickens.

Kee Song Chicken Farm

With this new breeding technology from Kee Song Brothers, we can safely consume chicken without the fear of ingesting unwanted chemicals. Our family can have healthier chicken meat that is lower in saturated fats and cholesterol for all our meals! There are also 3 common myths and misconceptions you often heard about chickens. Do you know what they are?

Kee Song Farm little chicks

You can purchase Kee Song chicken over at Shopee.

This post is sponsored by Kee Song Group.

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