To usher in the year of the Tiger 🐯, we asked Feng Shui Master, Master Jo Ching, to share his insights on the Chinese zodiac forecast for 2022. Read on to find out what the year holds for you!

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zodiac reading for the rat in 2015

Animal Sign: Rat

Birth Years: 2020, 2008, 1996, 1984, 1972, 1960, 1948

Outlook for 2022: There is a lack of major auspicious star this year for the rat zodiac. While Romance can be seen as a favourable star for those who are looking for a partner, it can also generate scandals for those who are married or attached. In case you would like to go for cosmetic surgery or any form of medical treatment that could potentially leave you with ugly scars, I would suggest that you put it on hold till the following year – unless you know how to pick an auspicious date and time in accordance to the Chinese Almanac to go for the operation.

This is attributed to the presence of Sky Dog, which is well known for scarring your body or botched job. The unfavorable duo of Goat Blade and Hanging Guest create a high probability of one meeting accident or getting cuts, especially at the workplace. Do take extra care of your health and safety if you need to visit places that are still affected by epidemics, earthquakes, floods and other calamities since the Disaster Sha star is present in the rat zodiac sign.

Auspicious Stars for 2022: Romance

Inauspicious Stars for 2022: Sky Dog, Goat Blade, Hanging Guest, Disaster Sha

zodiac reading for ox

Animal Sign: Ox

Birth Years: 2021, 2009, 1997, 1985, 1973, 1961, 1949

Outlook for 2022: In case you have plans to get married, the presence of Nuptial Bird symbolizes that 2022 is a timely year to do so. For those who are still unattached, there is also a chance that Cupid, the Roman god of love, will direct his arrow at you. Golden Chest is basically a wealth star that will aid you to grow your personal income, business revenues and even returns from your own asset investment.

In gist, you will enjoy enhanced money and romance luck. On the other hand, one needs to be vigilant of the Illness star which is going to affect the Ox zodiac. If you happen to sleep or work in the southwest area of the house, you have to constantly beef up your immunity level because the annual feng shui sickness star 2 also occupies that sector. Do not take things for granted whenever you feel unwell. Always consult your physician when you fall sick and try not to self-medicate. You may sometimes feel depressed for no reason since the Sky Killing and Lonesome stars can disturb your mood and peace of mind. Seeking solace in your religion or confiding in your loved ones does help.

Auspicious Stars for 2022: Nuptial Bird, Golden Chest

Inauspicious Stars for 2022: Illness, Sky Killing, Lonesome

zodiac reading for the tiger

Animal Sign: Tiger

Birth Years: 2010, 1998, 1986, 1974, 1962, 1950

Outlook for 2022: The Academic Star signifies an appropriate time for you who are already in the workforce to advance your knowledge and pick up a new skill. You will also be experiencing a new learning curve at work with good guidance from seniors and mentors. On the other hand, the Tai Sui, which affects the tiger zodiac in 2022, creates challenges as well as emotional upheavals in most aspects of your life. Of course, you can always go to the temple to pray and seek blessings from the deities. Sword Edge and Lying Corpse stars can potentially subject one to be cut by sharp objects or met with an injury during the course of work.

For ladies who are pregnant, this could imply going through a c-section birth due to an emergency situation. For those who work in high-risk environments such as shipbuilding yards, construction sites and even in the kitchen, do stay vigilant when you are carrying out your daily tasks. Avoid engaging in gossips in the office since Back Stab, as the name suggests, will invite hidden petty people.

Auspicious Stars for 2022: Academic Star

Inauspicious Stars for 2022: Tai Sui, Sword Edge, Lying Corpse, Back Stab

zodiac reading for the rabbit

Animal Sign: Rabbit

Birth Years: 2011, 1999, 1987, 1975, 1963, 1951

Outlook for 2022: A year filled with vibrant energies especially for the men who will meet a lot of helpful people and enjoy a rise in status, authority and power since the Sun and Heavenly Nobleman have arrived at your doorstep. It is also a year that you will receive a lot of recognition and positive limelight. People in senior corporate positions, politics and even showbiz will experience breakthroughs in their endeavors. The same goes for influencers, celebrities as well as those who are in the entertainment and media industries.

Additionally, the Peach Blossom and Salt Pool stars will elevate your appeals towards the opposite sex. Nevertheless, this pair is deemed as a double-edged sword when you fail to manage your romantic affairs properly. Something to note is that the Sky Emptiness and Bad Qi stars will cause those who have been posted overseas to work to be easily distracted or go into a prolonged period of melancholy. Luckily, Heaven Doctor is one superb benevolent star that will come to pull you out of any predicament or redirect you to good mentors and supportive people.

Auspicious Stars for 2022: Sun, Heavenly Nobleman, Heaven Doctor

Inauspicious Stars for 2022: Peach Blossom, Salt Pool, Sky Emptiness, Bad Qi

zodiac reading for the dragon

Animal Sign: Dragon

Birth Years: 2012, 2000, 1988, 1976, 1964, 1952

Outlook for 2022: With no benefic stars that come to the dragon zodiac, one will find 2022 a less smooth sailing year. As a result, you need to plan wisely before embarking on any new business and new project. It is advisable that one does not quit without a job. At work, or in any business dealings, careful delineation of roles and responsibilities should be properly discussed and documented for the Dividing Edge, which is known as the star that attracts disputes, is present. The same applies to any form of business joint venture.

At the online platform, do be mindful of what you write on social media especially on sensitive topics. This ensures Sky Cry will not be able to find trouble and create a nuisance for you which can otherwise sabotage your reputation and put you in hot soup. The presence of a Funeral Door suggests that you avoid attending funeral wakes or visitation to the hospital or even the cemetery – more so when you are not in good spirits or feeling lethargic. Do bring your old folks at home to see the doctor whenever they are unwell without delay.

Auspicious Stars for 2022: Nil

Inauspicious Stars for 2022: Dividing Edge, Sky Cry, Funeral Door

zodiac reading for the snake

Animal Sign: Snake

Birth Years: 2013, 2001, 1989, 1977, 1965, 1953

Outlook for 2022: It is seen as a blessed year especially for the ladies with regard to their pursuit in study, career and business as the Moon is shining at them. The motherly-natured and virtuous star generally takes great care of the women. Relationships with family members and friends will also become more cordial and harmonious. The good luck is further upsized with Jade Hall and 2 more heavy-weight Nobleman stars, namely, Tai Ji Nobleman and Heavenly Nobleman. Therefore, 2022 is a time when you should unleash your girl power to pursue your goals.

The same goes for the men. Having said that, while you are stepping on your accelerator driving towards your goal, do be cautious about the 2 scandalous stars namely, the Hook and Lasso, which can potentially create havoc and cause one to be entangled in messy love affairs involving 3rd party. So, if you are married, please stay clear of unnecessary romance. In the event that you have returned to work in the office, do stay away from office politics and remain focused on your work. Health-wise, Death God usually triggers unexpected underlying conditions. Do give yourself enough rest.

Auspicious Stars for 2022: Moon, Jade Hall, Tai Ji Nobleman, Heavenly Nobleman

Inauspicious Stars for 2022: Hook, Lasso, Death God, Solitary

zodiac reading for the horse

Animal Sign: Horse

Birth Years: 2014, 2002, 1990, 1978, 1966, 1954

Outlook for 2022: With Golden Chest to store the Heaven Wealth, horse zodiac people will be laughing their ways to the bank. It is definitely a year of abundance in terms of money luck as well as recognition since General star will do its best to up your chance of having a promotion. People who plan to start a side income should grab this opportune time to have a good head start. On the other hand, students will benefit from the 3 Stage since it gives rise to good academic achievement and support from good teachers. In addition, those who are representing the school in sports, games or any form of competition will also enjoy good luck and receive rewards for their outstanding performance.

On the flip side, with the arrival of 5 Ghost and Officer Talisman, please conduct yourself well in the public, observe the rules and do not attempt to challenge the laws, argue with law enforcers or else you can be easily caught and get punished. Flying Blade exposes you to injuries and cuts from metallic objects. As a result of the confluence of malicious stars, please remain vigilant, respectful and humble at all time.

Auspicious Stars for 2022: Golden Chest, Heaven Wealth, General Star, 3 Stage

Inauspicious Stars for 2022: 5 Ghost, Officer Talisman, Flying Blade

zodiac reading for goat

Animal Sign: Goat

Birth Years: 2015, 2003, 1991, 1979, 1967, 1955, 1943

Outlook for 2022: The omnipotent Emperor Seal Nobleman and benevolent Month Virtue Nobleman will bring you immense career luck, exam luck, businesses, good Samaritans and even new job offer. Saddle star will bring your Return-on-investment to the next level but due diligence has to be exercised before you invest in any get-rich-quick scheme. For those who are in a courtship, the presence of Sky Happiness hints that it is time for the couple to contemplate tying the knot. For the singles, the affinity with the opposite sex will also be greatly enhanced.

In view of the presence of Death Talisman, it is advisable that one should stay away from funeral wakes as it can bring down your luck and energy level. This star can also attract arguments in the office and minor accidents at home. Small Loss star will cause you to misplace your wallet, keys and mobile phone easily. So, guard your precious belongings properly in crowded places. Always be alert when you receive dubious SMS-es or emails from banks to avoid becoming a scam victim.

Auspicious Stars for 2022: Emperor Seal Nobleman, Month Virtue Nobleman, Saddle, Sky Happiness

Inauspicious Stars for 2022: Death Talisman, Small Loss

zodiac reading for the monkey

Animal Sign: Monkey

Birth Years: 2016, 2004, 1992, 1980, 1968, 1956

Outlook for 2022: Besides having a direct conflict with the Tai Sui or aka Year Breaker, the monkey zodiac is further inundated with a group of inauspicious stars that can be quite damaging to the wealth and health aspects of the person. Luckily, the comforting news is that there is an almost equal number of “danger-relief” stars that fly in to harmonise the situation. We have Relief God, Heaven Relief and Earth Relief stars which are the White knights that will rescue you when you are in trouble. This is further supported by the mighty Tai Ji Nobleman. Travel luck flies in because of the presence of Sky Horse and this star denotes good money opportunities when you travel. 8-Seat star will combine power to usher in positive career movement and pay rise.

On the flip side, with Big Loss, Shatter and Hinder Pole, if you do not wish to suffer from any monetary losses, then avoid risky investment, avoid gambling in casinos and start a business with a partner. Do not quit your job until you get an offer. With the stars combination of Blood Dagger and Floating, which is linked to water accidents, it is advisable you avoid swimming in a deep pool, go deep-sea diving or competitive sea sports.

Auspicious Stars for 2022: Relief God, Heaven Relief, Earth Relief, Tai Ji Nobleman, Sky Horse, Academic Hall, 8-Seat

Inauspicious Stars for 2022: Year Breaker, Big Loss, Shatter, Hinder Pole, Blood Dagger, Floating

zodiac reading for the rooster

Animal Sign: Rooster

Birth Years: 2017, 2005, 1993, 1981, 1969, 1957, 1945

Outlook for 2022: The presence of Grade-A lucky stars like the Emperor and Dragon Virtue suggests that it is time for you to review your business plans and take a bold step to execute them. People in leadership positions will see an increase in their authority and power. Employees will receive good performance appraisals and increments from the boss. For those who are married or attached, please stay away from temptations and extramarital affairs because of the Bath. This star does boost your charm and sex appeal but usually, there is a price to pay for.

While money, career and even romance luck seem to be rosy, do not over-exert yourself too much at work. The congregation of the undesirable stars like Sky Danger, Sudden Failure, Decline God and 6 Misfortune usually trigger unexpected underlying health conditions. Those who love to participate in marathons or vigorous sports should know their limit. Quickly take a rest if you start to feel unwell. Do not take things lightly. Always consult your physician when you fall sick.

Auspicious Stars for 2022: Emperor, Dragon Virtue

Inauspicious Stars for 2022: Bath, Sky Danger, Sudden Failure, Decline God, 6 Misfortune

zodiac reading for the dog in 2015

Animal Sign: Dog

Birth Years: 2018, 2006, 1994, 1982, 1970, 1958, 1946

Outlook for 2022: For those who are in the education and research sectors, advertising, fine art and creative industries, the benefic Talent star will bring a lot of inspiration to your job. School students will also receive the blessings to do well in their studies and examinations. In case you are thinking of entering the showbiz through participating in a TV Talent show, singing competitions, Star Search events or even beauty pageants, lady luck will be able to give you that added edge. In terms of personal well-being, White Tiger is a malefic star that can cause harm to your body. Thus, do take extra care of your safety if you need to drive or ride on the roads very frequently.

Always stay alert and do not drive when you are feeling sleepy. Some people say that the White Tiger protects the ladies and grants them status and authority. Nevertheless, it is also a star that creates power struggles and office politics. As a way to mitigate the negative energy, one can consider going for blood donation, wisdom tooth extraction or any form of necessary minor operations.

Auspicious Stars for 2022: Talent Star

Inauspicious Stars for 2022: White Tiger

zodiac reading for the pig

Animal Sign: Pig

Birth Years: 2019, 2007, 1995, 1983, 1971, 1959, 1947

Outlook for 2022: Good news for pig zodiac for he or she will be surrounded by many stars of fortune such as the Fortune Nobleman, Fortune Virtue and Heaven Virtue, which will usually usher in superb good luck in meeting the good mentors, helpful colleagues and supportive bosses. Take up whatever new job challenges that come to you and eventually you will succeed. If you are running or intending to start your own business, 2022 is a year that you can consider investing more money in your company branding and marketing plans as it will give you an exponential increase in your fame and revenues because of the presence of Year Wealth.

While luck is on your side, do restrain yourself from engaging in badmouthing others in the office or your business rivals. Be careful of what you say online and offline as Curl Tongue can steer you towards disputes and even legal hassles. This is exacerbated by Passing Cloud which attracts petty people who may harbor the thoughts of taking revenge against whatever you have unknowingly done to them. As the name suggests, Robbery Sha implies loss of money which can be caused by lending money to friends or literally getting robbed or pickpocketed.

Auspicious Stars for 2022: Fortune Nobleman, Fortune Virtue, Heaven Virtue, Year Wealth

Inauspicious Stars for 2022: Curl Tongue, Passing Cloud, Robbery Sha, Funeral Clothes

This article is contributed by Master Jo Ching.

Master Jo Ching (莊裕善老师) is the founder of DestinyAsia Global Consultancy and Master Trainer of Destiny Academy. Besides providing professional advice to clients on their home and office feng shui, destiny analysis and auspicious Chinese Name selection, he also conducts professional feng shui courses and corporate talks. He is frequently quoted by media like Lian He Wan Bao, Asiaone, The New Paper, RazorTV, Yahoo and etc. You are welcome to visit his company website or contact him at

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