Moving home is not just physically challenging, but emotionally challenging too. As a parent moving with kids, tackling moving tasks like cleaning, decluttering, packing and looking for movers Singapore can be challenging since you have kids to take care of. On top of juggling moving tasks and taking care of your kids, you can’t help but worry about how they will adapt to the upcoming change in their lives. Preparedness is the key to keep things organized before movers Singapore show up at your doorsteps to collect your items.

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To better prepare yourself and your kids for the upcoming home move, we’ve listed a couple of things that you should do before your moving day.

1. Talk To Your Kids About The Move

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Inform your kids about the move soon as you have decided to move to a new home. Sure, you won’t wait until your moving day to tell them, but avoid delaying it. Sit down with the whole family, tell them the news as well as the reason for doing so.

2. Prepare A Moving Checklist

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In order to keep yourself sane, juggling your moving tasks and taking care of your kids, it would be a lot more organized if you have a moving checklist you can follow. List down the moving tasks you needed to tackle and create a timeline of when it should be completed.

3. Arrange Your Kids’ School

Begin searching schools for your children in your new community and notify your kids’ current school about your plan to move. Have all your kids’ records transferred so you can start enrolling them in their new school. Don’t forget to schedule a school visit with your kids to give them a tour of their new school and introduce them to their new teachers and principal.

4. Create A Bucket List For Your Family

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Find time to do what your family wanted to do before leaving your old place. List down these activities and schedule it in advance before you get all too busy with your moving tasks. Aside from the fact that this is going to be fun, this will also help your kids have a sense of closure before you relocate to your new home.

5. Forward Medical Records

You need to be well prepared for any medical situations. Make sure to advise your kid’s current health care provider about your upcoming move. Ask for referrals from their current doctor, if you haven’t chosen a new doctor for your kid just yet. Once you have chosen a new doctor, make sure to transfer all of their medical records and schedule new doctor and dentist appointments.

6. Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

Try to reduce the items that you need to transfer. Having kids has surely made you accumulate a lot of things that you no longer use like old toys, old children’s books, cribs, clothes they have outgrown, and many more. If you are no longer in need of them, there’s no point in moving them to your new home. So, dispose of these items by donating them to local charities or selling them online or on a garage sale. Moving day comes, and you will thank yourself for doing so. The fewer items to bring, the easier it will be for you.

7. Start Packing Early

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Do not underestimate packing. It might seem like an easy task, but it’s not. Allocate enough time for this task because you will need it to ensure all your belongings are properly and securely packed before your hired movers arrive to collect them. Packing your items can give you an opportunity to get your kids involved with the moving process. You can let older children pack their clothes and other lighter stuff, for younger ones, you can give them tasks like labelling or doodling the boxes.

8. Find A Babysitter For Your Kids On Your Moving Day

Moving day is going to be hectic for you. You also have to remember that it is not safe to have your kids running around your house while your movers are busy shifting heavy furniture, appliances and boxes. An accident can happen that will cause damage to your belongings, or worse, injury to your hired movers or your kids. Make sure to plan for the moving day and designate someone who can watch over your kids while you and your movers are in action. You can hire a babysitter for a day, or you can designate a family member (older children if you have).

9. Pack An Essentials Bag For Your Kids

You don’t want to be scrambling over your boxes to find essential items you need for your kids. Avoid this trouble by packing an essentials box for your kids that can come in handy during your last day in your old home, your journey going to your new home, and when you arrive at your destination. It should include meds, first aid kit, diaper and wipes, clothing, favourite toys, formula, bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, blankets, bath items, car seats, highchair and stroller. Don’t forget to pack an essentials box for yourself. Include a couple of trash bags and cleaning supplies.

10. Hire Singapore Movers

Moving a whole household, especially if you own a lot of valuable items such as antique furniture or piano, is extremely difficult. If you think handling the logistics of moving while you have kids in tow is something that is impossible for you to do, then it would be best to ask assistance from experienced furniture and piano movers in Singapore. Make sure to do this in advance so you have enough time to decide which moving company to hire. It’s important to gather quotes from different moving companies, at least 3 to 5, so you have plenty to choose from. Check each company’s reviews to get to know more about the quality of their service. If there are clarifications you need, make sure to raise them before accepting the mover’s quote.

Above all, stay positive in this entire process. You and your partner might find yourselves getting stress from worrying about the logistics of your home move. You can let experienced movers handle it so you can have more time for your kids. Remember that your kids will look up to their parents for support. Give them a sense of security. Be calm and show them that everything is going to work out fine. Do your best to keep everything organized by preparing in advance to avoid any issues on your moving day.

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