Saving energy and water in households play an important role in mitigating climate changes. Moreover, this will also help reduce utility costs for homeowners, which amount to be significant after daily accumulation.

Conserve water and electricity singapore

The bathroom is the place where we use the most water at home. Many do not realise that we spend about 21% of utility bills on water heating. Here are a few tips that will make water and energy-saving a breeze for homeowners.

1. Water-saving during daily showers

Apart from just reducing the time spent during daily showers, much water is wasted while the users are adjusting the water temperature to their preference.

Here are a few tips when you select a water heater that can reduce water wastage:

  • Choose a water heater with preset temperatures.

This will minimise users’ manipulation of the shower knob or temperature before they shower and reduce water wastage thereon.

  • Choose a water heater with Constant Temperature technology

Many may have experienced fluctuating water temperatures when another user flushes the toilet bowl elsewhere or turns on the tap in the kitchen during their showers.

Often, many would turn the showerhead away or just stand away from the shower while waiting for the water temperature to return to normal before they continue their shower.

Water heaters with Constant Temperature technology allow users to enjoy the same water temperature throughout their showers, without being affected by the inflow water pressure and temperature.

2. Energy savings from water heating in the bathroom

With water heater as the second most energy-consuming product in a household after air conditioners, it is therefore important to get an energy-efficient water heater. Choose a water heater that heats the water only when necessary.

How to save on water and electricity bills

Ariston’s AURES instant water heater equipped with Constant Temperature technology is the first water heater in Singapore to be officially certified by PSB Singapore with utility savings of at least 16.4%.

Ariston SMC33 Aures Smart Instant Water Heater is available now at Shopee.

Going green starts at home. Choosing the right appliances can bring positive effects to the environment. So take into consideration these energy and water-saving technologies when considering the various options on the shelf!

This post is contributed by Ariston.

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