At present, an intelligent child is not solely that one who excels in the academics. This concept was proposed by Dr. Howard Gardner in 1983. He suggested that there is more intelligence beyond the traditional intelligence quotients. This was accepted by the modern society at large as children are actually formed distinct from each other and are special in many ways.

multiple intelligent children

This idea of multiple intelligences is one way of discovering and honing extreme human potential in different fields of endeavour. They are the following:

1. Linguistic Intelligence

If your child excels in this field, he is the word-smart type. He can get familiar with a long string of words, he gets inclined to poetry, he can tell stories, and can even read at a very early age without being taught by others.

2. Logical and Mathematical Intelligence

Your child may not be very interested in literature but he could be the number or reasoning smart kind of a person. He gets interested in chess or checkers, sees patterns, has the ability to organize blocks and formulate logical reasons.

3. Spatial Intelligence

The picture-smart kid has the ability to visualize pictures in his head, draw in correct perspective, finds ways easily, look at pictures and images and copy them right and even anticipates the movements in space. You can test this intelligence as you throw out the ball and the child is able to catch before it hits the ground.

4. Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence

The child is body-smart once he exhibits the ability to perform well in plays and puppet shows, climb, run, jump, hop and skip.

5. Musical Intelligence

Children interested in music are called the music-smart. They remember songs without even knowing the lyrics, sing in tune, and make or produce various sounds.

6. Social or Interpersonal Intelligence

No man is an island for people smart kids. These kids are capable of solving quarrels, care for others, good leaders and they make friends easily.

7. Intrapersonal Intelligence or the Self-Smart

Children who are independent and accomplish things on their own could take pride of the intrapersonal intelligence.

8. Naturalist Intelligence

The nature-smart kid shows affection to the natural world around him. He finds interest in creatures and could identify them easily.

Knowing your child’s inclination would help you to prepare activities that would enhance his intelligence. Understanding these multiple intelligences will help you discover and unveil your child’s hidden talents and hone them for improvement and proper utilization.

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