Pesta Ubin is an annual celebration of Pulau Ubin, where Ubin-loving community groups organise a series of events that showcases the rich natural and cultural heritage we have on the island.

📅 8 to 23 Jun 2024

Pesta Ubin 2024

The ninth edition of Pesta Ubin, themed “Live, Love, Learn,” promises to enchant and inspire attendees. Dive into fun, immersive activities that embody the spirit of a sustainable and nature-harmonious “Live Kampung” (Live). This year’s festival also aims to deepen our love and appreciation for Ubin’s rich heritage and ecosystem (Love). Moreover, Pesta Ubin seeks to enhance Pulau Ubin’s reputation as a top destination for place-based learning, offering enriching educational experiences for all ages (Learn).

Prepare for an unforgettable adventure at Pesta Ubin 2024! From 8 to 23 June 2024, discover the wonders of Pulau Ubin with a wide range of activities! ️ Explore scenic nature trails, delve into the island’s rich history, capture beautiful moments with photography walks, enjoy scenic cycling tours, spot rare birds, and kayak through tranquil waters. Best of all, most activities are FREE! ‍♂️ Don’t miss the chance to experience this hidden gem in Singapore! See you there!


1. Ecological and Heritage Learning Tour by Liang

Join this tour led by a native islander, covering a 3.5km route from Ubin Jetty to Puaka Hill. Learn about Ubin’s history at the town square, see flying lizards, explore historic kampong houses, experience rubber tree tapping, and enjoy panoramic views from Puaka Hill.

2. Photography Walk

Capture the beauty of Pulau Ubin on this guided photography walk. Perfect for both amateur and experienced photographers, you will explore scenic spots and learn tips on nature photography.

3. Cycling Adventure

Pedal through Pulau Ubin’s picturesque trails on this cycling tour. Discover hidden gems, local wildlife, and the island’s rustic charm.

4. Birdwatching Expedition

Join birdwatching enthusiasts to spot and identify rare birds native to Pulau Ubin. Bring your binoculars and enjoy the serene morning observing nature’s avian wonders.

5. Kayaking Exploration

Paddle through the calm waters surrounding Pulau Ubin. This guided kayaking trip offers a unique perspective of the island’s coastal ecosystem and its diverse marine life.

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What is Pulau Ubin?

Pulau Ubin is an untouched island off eastern Singapore, home to the last ‘kampung‘ (village). A visit takes you back to the simpler pleasures of the 1960’s. And you don’t need your passport.

bicycle rental at pulau ubin

Escape to Ubin! Life in the slow lane starts as you join the queue for the bumboat that leaves Changi for the 15-minute ride to Pulau Ubin. Stroll or pedal through rustic trails under swaying coconut palms, past quaint kampung houses with their kitchen gardens. Explore flourishing mangroves, lotus-covered ponds. Peek into hidden temples, stop by secluded beaches. Spot hornbills, wild boar and more. Chat with laid-back villagers as you enjoy a cold fresh coconut. On Ubin, the food tastes better, air is fresher, sights and sounds soothing to the soul.

pulau ubin bumboats

What is Pesta Ubin?

Pesta Ubin is a kampung-style Open House at Singapore’s last rustic island, Pulau Ubin! Pesta Ubin is the highlight of each year of ‘Celebrating Ubin’, which is made possible by the Friends of Ubin Network (FUN). FUN brings together those who are committed to working together for Ubin.

Pesta, pronounced ‘Pays-ta’, is Malay for festival or party. Pesta often describes festivities that bring a community together, such as a wedding; or a cultural celebration. (It is NOT an Italian dish: which is ‘pasta’.)

What’s Special about Pesta Ubin?

Once a year, people who love Ubin step up to share with the public their special slice of Pulau Ubin. Pesta Ubin activities are heartfelt, organic and led by the community.

Ubin’s unique charms are passionately highlighted in Pesta Ubin activities. Its culture, kampung life, nature and wildlife, Ubin land and sea. From Ubin Town to the quarries, and the waters around Pulau Ubin. Morning, noon and night!

Soak in the kinder, gentler way of life on Ubin during Pesta Ubin. Leave the city attitude behind, and get with The Ubin Way. On Ubin, we greet one another with a smile, a “Hello”, “How was your day?”. Respect the culture, get to know the quirky people of Ubin. Be gentle with wildlife that shares the island. Keep our footprint light so Ubin remains unspoiled for those who follow behind us.

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