Let your kids be kids without worry

Children are naturally curious. That’s why they learn best when they can experience the world in their own unique ways – whether it’s playing with creepy crawlies, or chewing on things they shouldn’t. Similac now with 2′-FL. Added with nucleotides that support your child’s natural body defences. So let your child go forth, explore and learn fearlessly.

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  • Similac now 2′-FL. Added with nucleotides that support child’s natural body defences.
  • Its EyeQ Plus nutrition system contains Natural Vitamin E, Lutein, plus DHA to support brain and eye development, in additional to AA, taurine, choline and iron.
  • Similac has a unique vegetable fat blend with no palm oil.

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Similac Gain


* Based on GNPD data, Abbott is the first company in the world to launch infant formula with 2′-FL.

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