LEAP Kidsnetic programmeLEAP KIDSNETIC™: Learning to Read, Reading to Learn

When is the best age for your child to start learning English? The fact is your baby is already learning how to talk as early as 2 months old!

There are typically four stages to how babies acquire language.

First comes the babbles or coos at 3 – 9 months. During this stage, babies produce mostly ooooo and aaaaaaaa. But don’t underestimate these sounds! They are the first steps to your baby’s attempt at speaking. Next comes the one-word stage at 10-13 months. During this stage, your baby may be starting to say his or her first words. Be prepared to hear those first words of ‘Da’ ‘Ma’ and ‘Ba’.

The third stage, which is at around 18 months, your infant may start to say two words together such as “Big Dog”, “I want” or the most awaited term, ‘Mama’ or ‘Papa’. At the fourth stage, your 2 year old child will start to string three words together, for example “I don’t want” or “Cute brown cat”.

So what happens after 2 years old?

This period is most commonly known as the ‘window of opportunity’, where your child’s development is especially competent at certain types of learning. For language, the neurons that register word sounds are usually wired when a child is 1 years old. At 2 years old, the more words a toddler is exposed to, the larger his or her vocabulary bank will be and the faster the language acquisition.

LEAP KidsneticTake a LEAP of faith with language
To catch this language ‘window’ and make full use of it, LEAP Schoolhouse new programme LEAP KIDSNETIC™ reading system, is targeted at children from 2.5 years age and above.

With the philosophy that learning to read should be fun, engaging and participative, children in this programme achieve literacy success through building foundation in the areas of interpretative and responsive skills.

The programme is divided into four different levels:

1. To the basics we go: Forming early literacy skills with Kick-Start!™
Focusing on early literacy skill acquisition, communication and expression are encouraged and emphasized in Kick-Start!™ level. Suitable for 2.5 years onwards with lessons carried out in an interactive and stimulating manner that will build knowledge on the child’s perception about the world around them.

2. A-to-the-P-to-the-P-P-L-E: Letter-sound acquisition with Ink It!™
At the Ink It!™ level, children will progress from language use to literacy skills, focusing on letter-sound acquisition and phonological awareness. Children will be introduced to the world of print and pre-writing skills though fun and musical methods.

3. Just Do-It!™
Do-It!™ level is designed on developing a child’s decoding skills of language understanding and structure. Children will be exposed to a wide of variety of narrative texts to encourage lateral thinking and appreciation of various forms of English.

Leap Kidsnetic Star-It!™4. Shine in your own way with Star-It!™With the belief that all children have their own innate creativity and talents, Star-It! ™ sessions acknowledge and provide children the opportunities to discover their talents and express themselves individually. Recommended for 6 years onwards, learning in this class is based on the multiple intelligence approach.

Whether it is learning to spell using their bodies (Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence) or learning to read new words through a song (Musical intelligence), here your child will grasp the fundamental concepts of grammar and vocabulary through creative and expressive means.

Learning language KIDSNETIC-LY with LEAP
With a small teacher-student ratio (classes are kept between 3-8 students for the younger age group), each child’s developmental progress will be monitored and evaluated regularly, with frequent feedback to parents. Courses for the older children are aligned to the learning needs in primary schools so as to ensure that the young ones will get a headstart when they enter Primary 1.

For further information on programme, registration or trial class, contact LEAP Schoolhouse Administration Office at 6634 0828, or log on to www.leapschoolhouse.com.sg