Every mother would like to give only the best for her baby. As much as possible, she would work for all the good things in life just to give her baby the comfort she needs. The nurturing of the child starts right after conception. You need to know that preparing and keeping your body healthy during pregnancy is the best way to care for your baby. A healthy mommy results to a healthy baby inside!

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Here are some things which the pregnant mother should keep in mind in order to keep her pregnancy healthy:

Take your first pre-natal visit

The most breathtaking moment for first-time mothers is to hear what the doctor might say about the baby and you. Your family doctor, obstetrician or midwife will check on your blood pressure, test for various infections and healthy history, figure out your due date and will let you do a urinalysis. These tests coupled with internal pelvic exam coupled with PAP test will cover the first time visit.

Be careful with medications

healthy pregnancy

Make sure you let your doctor check on any medications you take. As much as possible, opt for medicines only with his or her prescription.

Go for Folic Acid

Start taking vitamins daily. It is recommended that you increase your intake of folic acid and vitamin A which help prevent brain and spinal cord defects. If every pregnant mother will supplement their health with folic acid from the beginning and end of their pregnancy, there will be a decrease of 70% in the number of born babies with neural tube defects. You can have enough dosage of folic acid from asparagus, peanuts, pasta, orange juice, broccoli and lettuce.

Avoid foods that will take your baby at risk

Swordfish, tilefish and shark king mackerel are examples of food that contain mercury and should be avoided. Avoid undercooked or raw meats and fish, eggs and unpasteurized milk.

Limit coffee intake

Caffeine increases the risk of miscarriage. Limit the amount of caffeine for pregnant mothers to the minimum.

Get rid of alcohol

Birth and mental defects are highly caused by drinking alcoholic beverages.

Stop Smoking

Smoking is dangerous to you and your baby’s health because it causes premature births and even death.


It has been known that doing some useful stretching and walking will regulate the flow of blood and nutrients inside the body system.

Yes, your baby’s future depends on you and you can do so many things to be able to protect him from harm. Nurture your womb with best healthy pregnancy practices and enjoy healthy living with that new life inside you.

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