planning for a baby

Being single is probably the only time in life when you have the most freedom to do what you want. However, there may come a point in your life when you decide to settle down with your partner, and start a family of your own. Planning for a family is not easy. You need to ask yourself several important questions before deciding to conceive for a baby.

Are you physically fit to have a baby?Think of your body health and fitness level. The baby needs to thrive in your womb for nine long months and your health condition is crucial in determining the baby’s health too. Start to make an effort to exercise regularly and eat healthily, to ensure your body is in its best condition.

Are you financially stable to support a child?
Bringing up a child in Singapore today is a highly expensive affair. It is estimated that it costs approximately one million dollars to raise a child, from birth till the end of his University education. Start a saving plan and manage your finances with the new child in mind. Do your homework and know what are the possible government bonuses or subsidies you are entitled to.

Are you emotionally ready to be a parent?
Having a baby is a new chapter in you and your partner’s life. It marks the transition of parenthood. Having emotional readiness will help you understand your role as a parent, and condition your mind and heart in facing challenges in this new chapter of your life.

Can you provide safe and secured shelter for the child?
Consider space and safety issues at home. Your house will soon become your child’s haven. Therefore, preparations need to be made to start to change your couple nest into a child-friendly environment.

How supportive are the people around you?
Although the establishment of a family highly depends on the couple, it will also help if people around you are giving out support for your plans of building a family. Friends, parents, siblings and significant others are to be considered if you really want to establish a happy home.

How would you want to have a child?
Family planning is basically about having a baby. It is a couple’s decision on whether they want to conceive or adopt a baby. This might be an important question for couples who have health problems or have reached the crucial age of conception.

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