Trick or treat?

For many teenagers (and some adults), Halloween is an excuse to dress up in clothes you wouldn’t normally wear and have a party.

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For most children, Halloween = CANDY. And for parents, candy = CAVITIES.

However, there are some healthier candy options out there, so let us find out which ones are tricks and which ones are treats.

Healthy” candy option

  • sugarless chewing gum does not cause cavities and the chewing action produces saliva which washes away food debris and prevents cavities.

Not so healthy” candy option

  • these would be sweets that dissolve in the mouth rather than are chewed, like lollipops.
  • granola bars that are more nut and fibre based rather sweet.

unhealthy candy options gummy-bears

Unhealthy” candy options

  • these include sticky, chewy sweets like gummy bears or pastilles that cling on to all the nooks, crannies and crevices of the teeth and are highly likely to cause cavities if not brushed away properly.

The time that children consume sweets is also important. Try to avoid letting them snack on these delights in between meals or right before bedtime. Instead, consider giving them a treat right after a meal so that the excess saliva will dilute the effect of these sugars.

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