Mealtimes are special moments for family bonding and fun while they are also critically requiring of respect and proper behavior. It is but normal for a family to enjoy every meal with stories and laughter.

But children should not it these great moments with so much ease to the extent of forgetting the proper behavior when faced with food.

basic table manners for kids

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Table etiquettes are important for children to eat with discipline. Here are some tips for you in teaching table manners for your children during mealtime.

#1 Use the spoon and the fork properly. Eating with bare hands is expected of children. Fork and the spoon should be used for ensuring hygienic eating.

#2 Never hunch on the plate. Sit properly and in good posture. Teach children to allow their wrist and forearms to rest on the table without hunching.

#3 Stuffing of food in the mouth is not good. Teach them to take what they can comfortably chew. A mouth full would look gross as it opens the tendency for spilling the food over. It could also cause choking.

#4 Never open the mouth when chewing. Close it once the food is inside. The sound of food chomped is disturbing and others might not welcome the idea of seeing food being chewed.

teaching basic table manners to kids

#5 Not talking when their mouth is full. Aside from it won’t be clear at all, it might cause the food to jump off the mouth because of the breathing and chewing movements.

#6 Show appreciation when served. Say thank you when a food is handed over.

#7 Show consideration until everyone is served before eating.

#8 Eat at a slower pace. No one is hurrying them to finish it all up. Not only slow chewing is good for the health but it also promoted the proper digestion of food. Before taking another spoonful, count at least five seconds after swallowing.

#9 Ask someone politely to pass what was needed. Never try to reach out to another’s place.

#10 Don’t pick any food or particle stuck on their teeth in front of other people. If the stuck element is bothering them, tell them to excuse themselves and head on to the restroom.

#11 Use the napkin right. It is provided for them to dab their mouth and not their ears or entire face. Put it on their lap after every use. Moreover, they should not use it to blow their nose.

#12 They should learn not to put anything on their plate which they can’t finish. Try small amounts. If they still want more, teach them to ask for more servings politely.

Eating is something to be done with grace and discipline. Teaching table manners to children are reflections of good parenting.

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