The Conscious Festival by Green Is The New Black is back for its 4th year as a Carbon Neutral and Zero Waste Festival!

The Conscious Festival by Green Is The New Black (GITNB) is pleased to announce its fourth iteration in Singapore, held over two days, from 3 to 4 November 2018, at PARKROYAL on Pickering.

Green is the New Black Festival

Earlier this year, the festival successfully launched internationally, attracting over 4,500 visitors to its inaugural Hong Kong edition in April at the PMQ arts hub. In Singapore, GITNB will continue to bring together the best of conscious brands, speakers and social entrepreneurs in a curated platform; from the free Mindful MARKETPLACE to the ticketed TALKS Powered by DBS.

Leading by example, the festival will be both carbon neutral and zero waste, utilizing food composting, banning single-use plastics and disposables. GITNB has partnered with ES Power, Singapore’s first 100% Carbon Neutral energy retailer, to offset 105 metric tons of carbon dioxide by purchasing carbon credits which will go towards the construction of a new Grid-Connected Hydropower Plant in Quang Nam, Vietnam.

The TALKS Powered by DBS encompass four tracks – LIVE, WORK, CONSUME and TRAVEL. A panel of local and international experts will explore purposeful living, how Blockchain and sustainability converge, redefining our plastic and food consumption habits, and how travel and exploration can be a force for good.

Founder of GITNB, Stephanie Dickson, says, “A new addition to this year’s festival is activism through art. Visitors can look forward to an immersive virtual reality experience, designed by MeshMinds, an impact investor in creative technology, which will allow individuals to better understand the importance of reducing waste. We are also collaborating with students from local universities on interactive exhibitions, such as upcycled hats and plastic walls and corridors.”

Green Is The New Black Festival GITNB

The second annual list of Green Warriors, a shortlist of thirty eco influencers from Singapore and Hong Kong will be released on the eve of The Conscious Festival. They will be showcased in a special photo exhibition by internationally acclaimed photographers Flavien Prioreau and Zoe Kovacs.

The Festival will be held at PARKROYAL on Pickering, and Lee Kin Seng, Director of Marketing Communications at the hotel, says, “We are excited to host The Conscious Festival again. In line with their focus of reducing plastic consumption, I am glad to share that our hotel-in-a-garden has also joined in the movement; we have stopped providing plastic straws with our drinks and plastic takeaway boxes in our restaurant.”


The Conscious Festival welcomes professionals, students, individuals, families and little ones. In a snapshot, what goes down:


Mindful Market – A curated marketplace featuring local fashion, art, beauty and lifestyle brands who are conscious and mindful in their business practice.

Healthy & Delicious Food – Yum for your tum, good for your body, kind to the planet.

Live Local Music & Entertainment – Enjoy soulful stylings by local bands and singers as you peruse, munch and chat.

Edu-tainment – Put your thinking caps on with weird and wonderful experiences – from interactive art to games and activities.

Green Warriors Exhibition – The second annual list of Green Warriors will be on display, featuring 30 eco-influencers from Singapore and Hong Kong. Shot by Flavien Prioreau and Zoe Kovacs.

the TALKS Powered by DBS

Four transformative sessions packed full of juicy actionable insights that will empower you to change your life including inspiring keynotes, engaging workshops, wellness breaks and action kits. Everything you need to take #LittleGreenSteps to #LiveMoreConsciously.

LIVE: Breaking Limits, Breaking Free – 3 November, 10.50am – 1.30pm
Conscious living starts with you, so why not unleash your best self into the world? Find out how to deal with and avoid burnout, get rid of old patterns and limitations and consider how speaking our truth unleashes us.

  • Kate Sarginson: Co-Founder of Welltodo, a global wellness network
  • Deborah Emmanuel: Poet, performer and four-time TEDx speaker
  • Yin Ling: Founder of Urban Spirit and a leading sound healers
  • Anoushka Beh: Director and Psychologist at ABEHPSYCH Counselling Services
  • Joel Yang: Clinical Psychologist at Mind What Matters
  • Gina Robinson: Holistic consultant at Pocket Rocket
  • Nicole Yau: Integrated Wellness and NLP coach, Conscious Workplace Transformation

WORK: Purpose, Sustainability, Innovation – 3 November, 2.20pm – 5.00pm
Purpose and Blockchain are two of this year’s big buzzwords, but how can we activate them in the context of sustainability? Learn how to empower employees to be the change while finding purpose, and how Blockchain can change the sustainability game. It’s time to go green at work!

  • Melati Wijsen: 17 year old founder of Bye Bye Plastic Bags, TEDx and UN speaker, Forbes Top Ten Most Inspiring Women
  • Jack Sim AKA Mr Toilet: Founder of World Toilet Organisation, advocate for the poor
  • Kay Vasey: Founder of MeshMinds, an impact investor in creative technology for good
  • Simon Schillebeeckx: Assistant Professor of Strategic Management at SMU, focusing on new technologies and environmental sustainability
  • Natalie Doran: Digital Marketing Director of Timetech, the first blockchain time exchange
  • David Nosibor: Growth Manager for Rainmaking venture and innovation consultancy
  • Alvin Chong: Founder of Lembas, a functional meal replacement company
  • Teymoor Nabili: Broadcaster, journalist, speaker, CEO of startup news venture ‘The Signal’

Conscious Festival Green Is The New Black GITNB

CONSUME: Going Zero – 4 November, 10.50am – 1.30pm
There is no Planet B, so we need to re-think the future through the circular economy. Discover the truth behind the bioplastics vs. petroleum debate, think about how we can design without waste, and consider what the future of food holds for us.

  • Veerappan Swaminathan: Founder of Sustainable Living Lab, technology and social innovation
  • Rakesh Jain: Chief Business Development Officer at JUST, Inc food technology company
  • Vijay Mudaliar: Founder of Native, sustainable cocktail bar
  • Jasmine Tuan: Founder of Brandmama and leading zero wasters in Malaysia
  • Hailin Pek: Manager at Zero Waste Singapore
  • Vikas Garg: Founder of abillionVeg, a social movement for global change

TRAVEL: The Unexplored – 4 November, 2.20pm – 5pm
There is still so much of the planet that is unexplored. Do these places hold the secrets to our survival? Find out how to travel without negatively impacting the world, learn about festivals and movements bringing change to Asia, and the importance of underwater exploration for the survival of our planet.

  • Adam Broadbent: Co-Founder of Zubudiving, sustainable dive travel company
  • Ugo Di Mauro: Conscious creative strategist and photojournalist
  • Thaddeus Lawrence: Founder of Runaway Success Learning, human development coach and ultra-endurance racer
  • Beata Justkowiak: Ex-athlete, life coach and psychologist at Energising Goals
  • WWF: Sharing on their Living Planet Report

Put yours and your little one’s thinking caps on with weird and wonderful edu-tainment experiences – from interactive games to activities;

  • Kids’ Corner presented by Happy Universe – Talks run by kids for kids on recycling and plastic, as well as mini maker workshops
  • WWF ‘Fight the Plastic’ nerf gun game – Shoot down plastics to save marine life
  • Mini Green Warriors photoshoot – Get creative with upcycled outfits and accessories
  • MeshMinds – Two interactive experiences, Oceans We Make by Warrior9 VR, and Digital Grafitti Wall by Roo Koo;
    • Oceans We Make – An award-winning three minute interactive VR experience that takes adventurers on an journey beneath the surface of a pristine ocean. Experience underwater life in a stunning, immersive environment. The journey turns into a mini-game where viewers take action against a threat that’s not just virtual, but happening in the real world too
    • Digital Graffiti Wall – Using a 3D-printed spray can that feels and sounds real, spray on a display wall and see the paint magically appear before your eyes. Instead of vandalizing the wall, the installation is fume-free, easily erasable and 100% legal!
  • Interactive upcycled art installations – Learn about waste and recycling through art installations designed by students from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and National University of Singapore (NUS)


The event is FREE TO ENTER for the public, with an optional donation. There is a ticket fee for the TALKS Powered by DBS, and a portion of all ticket sales will go to Animals Asia.

  • For all updates, guests can log on to the event page
  • Guests can register for free entry here
  • Tickets for the TALKS Powered by DBS are available here

This year, The Conscious Festival is also proudly part of #SGGREENWEEKEND, the collaboration between Green Is The New Black and Singapore Eco Film Fest; an inspirational event bringing together eco organizations and storytellers in Singapore, to celebrate and accelerate solutions for our environment!

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