The Show Master Rings in the Festivities Throughout the Month of December with Brand New Circus Acts, Nostalgic Carnival, NFT Showcase, Mouth-Watering Bites and an Ultimate Winter Playground in Singapore

The Great Bay Fiesta

The Show Master – a new blockbuster entertainment arm by Uncle Ringo – revives our festive cheer with a bang after a three-year hiatus with The Great Bay Fiesta from 1 December 2022 to 1 January 2023, at the Bayfront Event Space.

The Great Bay Fiesta, presented by, is held in Conjunction with Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2023, presented by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). Open daily from 1pm to 10pm, this event spans over 20,000 sqm at the Bayfront Event Space with a line up of merrymaking activities clustered into four main event segments – The Great Cirque de Cascades, The Great World Carnival, The Great Food Fiesta and Ice Magic: The Great Fantasy on Ice.

The Great Cirque des Cascades

Ready yourself as The Show Master’s debut takes you from Mass Entertainment to Max Entertainment with a world class programme line up starting with Around The World in 80 Minutes – proudly presented by Gandey’s Circus, one of the very best international circus acts the world has to offer.

From the moment you step inside the climate-controlled 1,000-seat Big Top – one of the biggest to grace Marina Bay yet – prepare to be dazzled like never before as our international circus stars take you on a breathtaking journey filled with thrills, laughter, excitement, and sophisticated glitz. This 80-minute show will feature nine premium circus acts specially curated from all over Europe, including never before seen stunts and performances in Singapore such as the crossbow slingers Duo Adrenlina, and the gravity defying Panther Troop.

The Great Cirque des CascadesThe Thunderdome

Recognised as the world’s most dangerous act, you’ll be hanging to the edge of your seats witnessing the death-defying Duo Adrenlina fire a crossbow with deadly precision narrowly missing their partners’ heads.

If that’s not thrilling enough, watch on as the Perez Motorbiker Troupe performs high-powered adrenaline fuelled acts including a high-wire act performed without safety nets or safety lunges – never before seen in Singapore. Thrill seekers will be awestruck at the sight of four Perez Motorbikers performing a series of breathtakingly complex manoeuvres roaring at full throttle in a 5m diameter cage aptly dubbed The Thunderdome.

The multi-talented Panther Troupe showcases aerial feats of incredible talents using the simplest of equipment: an extra long skipping rope and a springboard. The Panther Troupe takes the usual rope skipping a nail-biting 6 metres off the ground with the parallel gymnastic bars as their landing point. They raised the stakes by propelling themselves high into the air using a springboard as their ‘human-rocket-launcher’, performing a series of twists and somersaults before landing on impressive targets such as a four-man-high human tower and a chair suspended seven metres above the ground. These acts of daring novelty will be sure to astound.

So wait no more! Bookings for The Great Cirque de Cascades tickets are now exclusively available at Buy your tickets from now till 15 November, to enjoy early bird prices starting from $68+!

Corporate Rates, Bulk Buy Discounts and Private Buyout Rates with special entitlements are also available.

The Great World Carnival by Uncle Ringo

Uncle Ringo, every Singaporean kid’s favourite uncle, never fails to deliver a day of fun, games and unforgettable memories to treasure for years to come. Relish the nostalgia of The Great World Carnival by Uncle Ringo replete with mega sized plushies to win at the carnival games, as well as classic rides like the Ringo Slide, Big Carousel, Pirate Ship, Bumper Car and Water Boat.

However, you may spot something different from the regular rides and games at this year’s Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2023 – an experiential inflatable playland reimagined and redesigned from one of OpenSea’s renowned projects, Prime Ape Planet.

The Great World Carnival by Uncle Ringo

A first in the Entertainment and Amusement Rides industry, witness the crossover between Uncle Ringo and OpenSea that brought the highly sought-after NFT IP of Prime Ape Planet design (from the Genesis Collection) to life, for everyone’s enjoyment.

This is Uncle Ringo’s first foray into the web3 landscape to explore an omni-channel integrated experience for its visitors using the NFT IP space. With this adoption, Uncle Ringo aims to solidify its position as the market leader in Singapore’s Amusement Ride industry. With more elaborate web3 plans on the horizon, keep your eyes on this space for more Uncle Ringo surprises in store.

Get your Carnival Admission Ticket with $5 Carnival Credits for just $10 and immerse yourselves in this seamless wave of nostalgia and contemporary art! Coupled with an early bird discount, enjoy up to 20% off from now till 15 November exclusively at when you purchase $50 and $100 Carnival Credits. Don’t wait on it any longer!

As a strategic partner of the annual SG Cares Giving Week, The Show Master is also proud to announce that The Great Bay Fiesta will be the main Giving Hub throughout the month of December. On four consecutive Tuesdays – 6, 13, 20 and 27 December – the opening act of The Great Cirque des Cascades’ 7pm shows will be performed by charities or non-profit organisations such as Breast Cancer Foundations, SASCO Khatib Active Ageing Centre, and more.

The Show Master will be donating 5% of the total revenue earned from their Tuesday 7pm shows to the performing beneficiaries. In addition, for every $100 Carnival Credits purchased at The Great World Carnival, Uncle Ringo will be donating $5 to Community Chest. Your little acts of Kindness, when multiplied, can transform the world. Join us in this journey towards a City of Good today!

Ice Magic: The Great Fantasy on Ice

This December, as part of the Great Bay Fiesta, Ice Magic: The Great Fantasy on Ice, brought to you by Apollo Entertainment Media and Trident Consultancy, presents the biggest pop-up winter-themed attraction to ever set foot in sunny Singapore.

This magical snowy wonderland will transport Singaporeans away from the heat of our tropical island to a winter wonderland over this year’s festive season. The astonishing 2,400sqm winter playground will be open to guests from 1 December 2022 to 1 January 2023.

Ice Magic The Great Fantasy on IceRendering of the Snow Section including the 70m snow slope

The indoor tentage will be divided into two sections – the Snow and Ice sections. In the Snow Section, the snow is created using the same snow-making machines used in the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022, flown in directly to bring the authentic experience of real snow to visitors. Guests can try their hand at building a snowman, making snow angels, and even bouncing off ‘snow clouds’, all while experiencing daily snowfalls of fresh snow. This area will also house a 70m snow slope, the longest and tallest snow slope ever constructed in Singapore.

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The Ice Section running parallel to the Snow Section holds a variety of never-seen-before attractions, including Ice Bowling and Ice Curling, a classic Winter Olympic sport. The section will also feature a 260sqm ice cycling rink, with single and tandem bikes for couples exploring new date night ideas. The hero of the Ice Section is the 4.5m high figure-8 Ice Slide, constructed purely out of ice and complemented by intricate ice sculptures crafted by master ice sculptors from Harbin, China.

Guests will also never have to worry about their beer going lukewarm at the Ice Bar, where guests will be served a variety of ice cold beers and bespoke ice-themed cocktails to get their blood pumping.

Chocolate Origin, the presenting sponsor of Ice Magic 2022 – The Great Fantasy on Ice will be operating a pop-up café and will be holding a “secret-code” mini-game for guests to win prizes with every entry.

Tickets to Ice Magic: The Great Fantasy on Ice are now available with prices starting at $25, gather your family and friends for a trip to this magical snowy wonderland now!

The Great Food Fiesta

No trip to the carnival is complete without festive bites and fairground treats! Dig into a delightful selection of specialty fare from both local and international brands.

Complementing the beer garden is a hearty selection of choice meats by local yakiniku connoisseurs, Grill by Cut, and over 10 brands specially flown in from Thailand serving up specialty Thai cuisine including grilled meats, seafood and desserts including TikTok famous Indy Pancake Cartoon.

The Great Food Fiesta

Share some of that sweetness by supporting the award-winning My NoNNa’s, a social enterprise with a mission to provide meaningful employment for differently-abled persons and the elderly. My NoNNa’s serves up a mix of international cuisine such as Beef Curry or Black Pepper Chicken with Blue Pea Rice, or scrumptious Italian cuisine including Mac & Cheese and Beef Bolognese. The Big O Group is also serving up a storm with an assortment of the most delectable treats that cater to both sweet and savoury palates.

Last but not least, you can’t simply end your night without some rich and creamy frosty bites! Unilever, the parent company of household ice cream brands Magnum and Ben & Jerry’s, is on board to spread joy and happiness at The Great Food Fiesta. Make your way down to the Ice Cream booth and indulge in unique formats such as the all-new Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough Peace Pop – a vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate coating with a cookie dough center and chocolate chips – or a Magnum Mini Cup that is made with velvety vanilla ice cream swirled with chocolate shards, topped with thick cracking Belgian chocolate for an indulgent experience.

The Great Tesla Electric Light Show – Don’t Doubt Your Vibes

The Great Bay Fiesta presents: Singapore’s First Ever Tesla Electric Light Show. Tesla, as The Great Bay Fiesta’s official electric vehicle (EV) partner, has arranged a daily light show that will feature all of its line up – Model 3, Model Y, and Tesla Supercharger. Leveraging on the functionality of the EVs, these Tesla models will be putting up a jazzy light show with its headlights, taillights, cabin lights, and other lighting, programmed to beat in sync with the music.

Car enthusiasts will also be ecstatic to be among the first to experience the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y in Singapore at a designated test drive route alongside Marina Bay.

Model 3 accelerates from 0-100 km in 3.3 seconds, with up to 602 km range, combining Tesla excellent technology, stability and handling. Model Y provides maximum versatility with 2,100+ litres cargo space, which is able to carry up to 5 passengers and their belongings with a 0-100km acceleration in just 3.7 seconds and a range up to 514 km (WLTP) per charge.

You can now schedule a test drive during the event on a first-come-first-serve basis from 1 December 2022 to 1 January 2023 and experience the beauty of EV and the power of its technology!

To register for your test drive, kindly visit this link.

With so much to do for the whole family, plan ahead and visit here to book your early bird tickets to enjoy up to 20% off from now till 15 November!


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