Christmas Comes Early Workshop / Holiday Program

DuinoCode’s very own Young Coders Holiday Bootcamp will be the stepping stone for your child to explore the world of text-based coding. No prior coding knowledge needed!

DuinoCode Young Coders Holiday Bootcamp

At DuinoCode, we believe in instilling the passion for coding in our next generation of young learners, and nurture them to be independent learners with critical computational skills. With the knowledge gained from coding, we are able to keep up with the technological advancements in the world, which is beneficial in the future.

DuinoCode Christmas Comes Early Workshop

At our Young Coders Holiday Bootcamp, your child will journey into the world of coding and robotics. The 3-day course will be taught in the C programming language, which is an industry-standard programming language widely used in many professional engineering and software fields, and they will be taught by our very own MOE registered instructors. Your child will get to build their very first mBot; the training robot that will be used in the learning process. Your child will be able to learn how to code in a fun and interactive way by applying it to the training robot to see their code and programs happening in real-time!

DuinoCode November December Workshop

Our Bootcamp is recommended for students age 9 and up.

In our 3-day Bootcamp, your child will learn:

✅ Code library linking and hardware programming.
✅ Motor locomotion and differential steering.
✅ Sensor input and action.
✅ Algorithmic logic for problem-solving.

Other activities such as:

  • Fun and interactive quizzes with the mBot
  • Hands-on assembling of mBot
  • Final assessment on the very last lesson.

Upon completion of our Young Coders Holiday Bootcamp, your child will be awarded a certification of completion.

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Bootcamp video

Online course video

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