All parents would like to see their children succeed. Nothing could be very rewarding than to look at triumphant kids in terms of their academic journeys. And much more will be the joy if you know that you are behind your children’s achievement.


Parents can always help their children do well in their academic performance. Here are some things they could do in order to polish their children’s road to get high grades in school:

▪ Spend some time every day to check on your child’s work. See to it that he has answered all the questions asked in the homework. Some children may think that their answers are right but if you know that there is a better way to state the response, then you can modify without scrapping the child’s idea.

▪ Identify areas which the child find difficult to excel in. Some children may be good but not in all fields. Focus attention on the weakness and you might provide some exercises that could support lessons in class regarding this weakness.

Set up the home with a study corner or a study room. Children will be enticed to bring out their assignments if they have their own working tables or areas.

▪ Create an atmosphere more conducive to studying. Ask siblings to tone down music or other unnecessary sounds during study period so as not to disturb others. Make sure that the room is well ventilated and that other possible disturbances are dealt with accordingly.

▪ Entice children to study as you prepare great snacks they could munch and crunch while reading their lessons in advance. You can prepare home-made cookies or sandwiches which you all can share even right after the study period.

▪ Be open for parent consultation during card-giving days. Your child’s report card may just be mere reflections of his scores but the chance to talk with his teachers will give you an idea of the entire attitude and performance of your child. This way, you will know their needs and what form of help could you extend to respond to these needs.

Celebrate your child’s achievement. Rewards are efficiently savoured when given at the right time. Celebrating does not only motivate but also creates an impression of how much you value your child’s efforts.

More than anyone else in this world, parents are the most important people expected to support children for them to achieve good academic performance and excel in school. Everything will fall into place if parents would believe in their children’s abilities and skills from the very beginning.

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