Tis’ the season to be jolly! The year-end is approaching and here comes the season of giving. This is the time to be on the lookout for suitable gifts for our loved ones and friends. But we all know the hustle and bustle during this festive season and how hard it is to jostle with the crowd, looking for that perfect gift.

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So, we have gone to suss out awesome Christmas gift ideas for the whole family and hopefully, they can give you some inspiration (P.S. almost all can be found online!)


For Babies and Toddlers

Combi Compact Folding Stroller

The new launch – Combi Compact Folding Stroller is Combi’s first compact folding stroller where you can easily fold with one hand and switch between styles in one second!

Combi Compact Folding Stroller consists of bigger back wheels to increase the stability of the ride and the high seat of 560mm protects baby from ground-based allergens.

The 130mm leg support provides additional space for your baby to have a more comfortable rest during the ride as well! This stroller is suitable for newborn babies and up to 3 years old (max 15kg).

You can get the stroller here.

Baby Water Toys

We know it may be hard getting the little one to enjoy shower time but we may have the solution at hand! Introduce your child to water play with these toys and they can learn to associate shower time with water playtime every time you bring out the toys.

Baby Water ToysPhoto credit: Lazada

The waterfall station features two chambers where your baby can pour water in and watch how the wheels rotate. Through visual playing, your baby can develop hand-eye coordination and shape recognition as well!

You can get the toy here.

Combi Friendly Bear

Combi Friendly BearPhoto credit: Lazada

The Combi Friendly Bear:
– Plays five soothing music choices and nursery rhythms
– Moves along with the included English songs
– Allows you to record your baby’s voice

A great companion for your baby – it supports language training and encourages your baby to speak more through the recording function, so you can look forward to more interesting babbles!

You can get the toy here.


For Preschoolers

Disney’s Frozen II Tote Bag with Milk Cookie

Disney Frozen 2 Tote BagPhoto credit: Shopee

Disney’s Frozen II has made its way into the cinemas and in line with the release of the movie, Shopee has launched a wide array of Frozen-themed merchandise including categories such as Fashion, Toys, Kids & Babies. We’re certain this Frozen II tote bag will be a hit with the kiddos. There are even snacks and a free Frozen-themed hair clip included in the tote bag. Triple the value for money!

Available here.

Shopee 12.12 Kids & Babies' Day

Happening now till 12 December, Shopee 12.12 Birthday Sale features mega discounts on kids and babies’ essentials, vouchers as well as an all-day $5.99 collection and flash deals!

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WHEELS Kinetic Lights Kids’ Scooter

Kids' ScooterPhoto credit: Shopee (Juzz4Baby)

This scooter will sure have your child all excited as he or she scoots around. It’s not just an ordinary scooter – its wheels light up beautifully so your child can look forward to having an awesome ride! Moreover, this scooter can be adjusted for children of ages one to nine years old, making it the perfect gift.

You can get this here.

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DaBox by Da Little School

Kids Gallery presents DaBox

Da Little School proudly presents its first edition of a crafts box: DaBox, photography edition. Your child will have so much creative fun exploring DaBox with Gooey, the friendly crafts monster! Inside, you will find lots of crafts, including:

dabox set materials

DaBox also comes with two activity instruction booklets as well as the materials needed to complete the crafts. Read our DaBox review for more information.

Available at Da Little School. Online purchases will be made available soon.

Language Game – Match and Spell

Language gamePhoto credit: Lazada

Learning can be fun! This game introduces your child to letter shapes and sounds. Once your child is familiarised with letter sounds, they will progress to reading the words out loud. It helps your child to match letters to form simple words, before moving on to more complex words.

The game encourages family bonding, with up to four players so you can consider including it into one of your family bonding game nights during Christmas!

You can get this game here.


For Primary School Kids and Young Adults

Kodak Film Camera

Is your kid a budding photographer and is hoping to get a camera for Christmas? We have the perfect gift idea that you can consider gifting! The Kodak M35 Film Camera Set is affordable and comes in funky colours – green, yellow and purple.

Kodak Film CameraPhoto credit: Shopee (silverphotosupplies)

This reusable film camera operates with 35mm films and comes with a built-in flash for shooting in low light conditions. Now’s the time to let the kiddo have a go at snapping more photos, especially during Christmas!

You can get the camera here.

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Retro Arcade Console

Retro Arcade ConsolePhoto credit: Shopee (Cool Stash)

Want your kid to enjoy the good old games? This console is just the right gift. It can store 360 different and fun retro games to keep your kid entertained! P.S it also comes with two additional consoles so you can join in the games and enjoy the walk down nostalgia lane!

You can get this console here.

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Are you new to Shopee? We have a treat for you! Use this special code: TNAP1212 and enjoy $7 off a minimum spend of $15. Promo code is valid till 31 May 2020, 2359hrs.

Books (and More Books)

Books as gifts never go wrong. If your child loves reading, you can consider getting them titles from Singaporean authors! It’s a good cause to support our local authors and also introduces your child to many more literary options!

LocalBooksPhoto credit: LocalBooks

You can consider the following online book stores that showcase our local authors:

HP ProBook x360 11 Education Edition

HP Probook x360 11 Education Edition

Having a laptop in this modern age can be considered essential as almost all schools require students to have some technical knowledge. It doubles up as a learning tool for students and a multimedia device when they require some downtime from studying!

Introducing HP ProBook x360 11 Education Edition – a versatile laptop with four different modes of usage. Named “The World’s Thinnest Rugged Convertible”, the laptop is designed to protect against bumps so your child doesn’t have to constantly worry about accidentally knocking the laptop against hard surfaces!

Read more here.

Funky Socks

Some socks are not meant to stay hidden especially when they are this funky and eye-catching! Socks are easy for gifting due to the huge variety of designs. If your child loves different cartoon characters like Super Mario or just simple designs, we’re pretty sure you can find the right ‘fit’!

The Hole in My SockPhoto credit: The Hole in My Sock

Your child will especially love funky socks designs that they can show off to their friends! Check out these socks websites:


For Mummies

Laneige Love Potion BB Cushion Whitening

Show your love with the Laneige Love Potion BB Cushion Whitening. Beautifully designed with spring colours, this will be a sure-win with the mummies!

Laneige Love Potion BB cushionPhoto credit: Lazada


1. Lasting brightness: Brightens skin instantly upon application and keeps it bright for 12 hours
2. Moisturising effect: Moisturises skin upon application and keeps it moisturised for 12 hours
3. Anti-darkening: Improves dull skin instantly upon application and keeps it bright for 12 hours

Hegen PCTO™ Double Electric Breast Pump

Breastfeeding pumps hegen singaporePhoto credit: Hegen

It’s the world’s first relaxation breast pump, featuring a unique kneading massage feature as you pump! The massager helps alleviate tension from breast engorgement and helps to stimulate milk supply through the gentle cupping and kneading sensation.

The is definitely the perfect tool for mothers on the go. The breast pump device is lightweight and compact and it even has a micro-USB charging port that allows hassle-free charging.

Available here.

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For Daddies

Braun Mobile Shave M-90 Pocket Shaver

Braun Mobile Shaver
Photo credit: Shopee (Braun Official Store)

Introducing MobileShave, Braun’s smallest electric shaver. Boasting a sleek design, it does not compromise on superior technology and quality. As it’s compact and battery-run, it can easily be used anywhere – at work or at the gym. It’s a great travel-friendly shaver and it’s waterproof — perfect for using in the shower.

Available here.

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Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

Introducing the first-ever smartwatch from Fitbit – the Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch. Designed to be modern and light, the smartwatch is a good fit for everyday use. Even better, it’s waterproof so you don’t have to worry about it getting wet when you’re out on the go or in the shower.

Fitbit Ionic SmartwatchPhoto credit: Lazada

For the fitness enthusiasts, the Fitbit distinctive features remain – with real-time guidance such as GPS, personal coaching and tracking of heart rate. Also, with the Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch, you don’t have to worry about forgetting your wallet when you’re outdoors as it comes with Fitbit Pay and will allow you to use NFC upon payment.

You can get the Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch here.


For Your Home

Ready to Hang Art

IKEA Ready To Hang ArtPhoto credit: IKEA

Spruce up the home with these beautiful art pieces from IKEA. Unwind and take in the calming blue hues each time you enter your home. Definitely a good gift not just for your home, but also for your loved ones and friends.

Indiae Orientals Map Plate

Take home a slice of Singapore’s heritage with MUSEUM LABEL’s practical and funky merchandise. Feeling peckish? Get this plate and have it filled with delectable pastries and sweets for the guests when waiting for the Christmas party to begin!

INDIAE ORIENTALS MAP PLATEPhoto credit: National Museum of Singapore

The plate’s design is inspired by a map from An Old New World: From the East Indies to the Founding of Singapore, 1600s-1819 exhibition by the National Museum of Singapore.

Also, enjoy 10% off your purchase when you mention ‘Cheers’ at checkout!

Available only at National Museum, MUSEUM LABEL Shop:
National Museum of Singapore
93 Stamford Road, Singapore 178897

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