Why is the log cake only sold during Christmas? And why do we eat log cakes?

We did a little digging to find out the history behind log cakes.

This came from a tradition of burning the Yule log in the Nordic region during medieval times. An enormous log of freshly cut wood would be fetched, carried into the house and burnt on Christmas Eve.

While the ceremony was carried out, it was compulsory for all family members to sit on the log before it was burnt, and for people to sing Christmas songs and say prayers.

The burning of the Yule log was believed to bring good fortune for the family and to ward off evil spirits. After the Christmas celebrations, a piece of the Yule log was kept in a safe place to be used to relight the next year’s log.

Today, this tradition is now replaced by putting a small, decorated ‘log’ in the centre of the table as a Christmas decoration. The Yule log has become a traditional pastry people eat during Christmas.

A usual log cake is made with a chocolate sponge roll layered with cream and covered with chocolate to resemble a bark-covered log. But more bakeries have now come up with interesting twists and flavours to the traditional log cake.

Where to Buy Christmas Log Cakes in Singapore

Looking for a log cake in Singapore? Here are our picks for interesting and special log cakes in Singapore!

1. Log Cakes from Pine Garden

Cat Mountain King Durian Log Pine GardenPhoto: Pine Garden

This year, we are delighted to present to you the latest Christmas offerings and a wide array of our log cake flavours – from Black Forest, to Lychee Martini and Mango Pomelo Sago to 3 new exciting new flavours, created exclusively for the season!

Not only do we offer a variety of exciting treats and flavours, we also provide customisation services, gift sets and provide door-to-door delivery for bulk corporate orders.

Price: From $53.90
Website: pgcake.com

You can get Pine Garden log cakes on Shopee.


2. Log Cakes from Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

Christmas Logcakes Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

Complete your celebration on a sweet note and dress up your Christmas tables with our extensive assortment of sweet festive delights such as the playful Strawberry Vanilla Yoghurt Igloo that is perfect for children or the young at heart; the light Champagne Rose Cheesecake Log Cake that incorporates the loves of ladies; the delightful Pear Belle Helene Yule Log Cake that is inspired by the classic French dessert but elevated with a festive twist; as well as home-made cookies, pies, puddings; and more.

Price: From $28.80

You can get Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel log cakes on Shopee.


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