boys dont cry video by vogue india

How many times have we heard this when we were young? Before they grow to become adults, boys are often reprimanded if they burst into tears. Phrases such as “Boys don’t cry” or “Stop crying like a girl” are often heard.

But what are the repercussions of saying such words to these little minds? What kind of attitude and mindset are we instilling in them?

Many may not be away of the dangers of sending such messages. Boys who grow up with his attitude may consider themselves stronger and more superior to girls. And this may manifest in the form of violence against women.

boys dont cry vogue india

The short film, featuring Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit, reminds us of one of the implications when we ingrain this attitude of “boys don’t cry”.

Why can’t men or boys can’t show their vulnerability? Does crying equate to weak?

We let you decide. #StartWithTheBoys #VogueEmpower

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