Bak Kwa or 肉干 is an extremely popular snack in Singapore. Many like to eat them especially during festive seasons like Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn festival. Some eat treat it as an everyday snack and add them to bread, fried rice, claypot rice etc.

We have come out with a list of where to buy the best Bak Kwa in Singapore. Many brands have come online so you do not need to queue and have them delivered to your home.

1. Fragrance 香味

Best Bak Kwa FragranceImage: Fragrance

Crafted with a unique blend of marinades made from precious Chinese herbs and a recipe perfected through the ages, their Bak Kwa is artfully grilled to create a sumptuous treat.

Available on: Shopee


2. New Peng Hiang 新品香

Best Bak Kwa New Peng HiangImage: New Peng Hiang

Established in 1984, New Peng Hiang is Singapore’s most innovative Bak-Kwa brand that manufactures a wide range of flavours and quality products.

Available on: Shopee


3. Kim Joo Guan 金裕源

Best Bak Kwa Kim Joo GuanImage: Kim Joo Guan

Giving the utmost attention to the standard of everything from raw ingredients to the preparation process, Kim Joo Guan Pte Ltd makes a point of using only 100% Australian grain-fed fresh pork, chilled instead of frozen to preserve the great taste of its bak kwa.

Available on: Shopee


4. Lim Chee Guan 林志源

Lim Chee Guan Bak Kwa KlookImage: Klook

Lim Chee Guan has been a leader in bak kwa – traditionally barbecued meat slices that are uniquely Singapore. Preparing the bak kwa is a labor of love. Thin slices of bak kwa are roasted over glowing charcoal and flipped constantly to maintain the balance of delicate flavor and juicy perfection. A traditional snack, bak kwa is an essential food for any celebrations.

Available on: Klook (Exclusive preorder) and Shopee


5. Xi Shi Rou Gan 西施肉干

xishi bak kwaImage credit: Shopee

Having inherited the traditional recipe of bak kwa from his master, Mr Koh adapted new and improved ways to produce the bak kwa years later and established his name under Xi Shi Rou Gan / Cecilia Minced Pork since 1985. From then on, he has insisted on using charcoal smoke house in the production of Bak Kwa even though machines are more commonly used today.

More than 13 Bak Kwa flavours to choose from.

Available on: Shopee


6. Golden Gourmet

GOLDEN GOURMET Best Bak Kwa ShopeeImage credit: Shopee

This minced pork meat Bak Kwa is made with their Signature traditional recipe, making it their best seller! Stripped of its tendons and hard fat, this Bak Kwa is lean, tender and juicy. It is easy to bite into and is great for everyone including young kids and the elderly to enjoy!

Available on: Shopee


7. Bee Cheng Hiang 美珍香

Bee Cheng Hiang Bak Kwa

Bee Cheng Hiang extends beyond being merely a ‘Bakkwa’ company. Their Bakkwa is crafted from 100% natural ingredients, devoid of added preservatives, meat tenderizer, artificial coloring, flavoring, and MSG. In a global landscape prioritizing food safety, customers can savor their products with confidence, knowing they are made with quality and purity.

Available on: Shopee


8. Peng Guan 品源

Peng Guan Traditional Bak Kwa

Peng Guan takes pride in handcrafting pork jerky slices exclusively in Singapore. Emphasizing the use of the freshest ingredients, including air-flown Brazilian pork, they ensure top-notch quality. Their delicious bak kwa can be enjoyed as a dish within your meals or simply as a satisfying snack. Moreover, the irresistible aroma of traditionally charcoal-barbecued bak kwa adds an extra layer of mouthwatering delight!

Available on: Shopee


9. Kim Hock Guan 金福源

Open since 1905, Kim Hock Guan easily remains one of the oldest Bak Kwa stores in town. Instead of using minced pork, their unique recipe calls for traditionally sliced pork, giving their Bak Kwa a completely new mouth feel.

Available on: Lazada


10. Kim Tee 金池

Best Bak Kwa Kim TeeImage: Kim Tee

For 40 years, New Eastern Kim Tee still maintains its tradition of producing 100% handmade Bakkwa and it is prepared using the most traditional way of the charcoal oven and charcoal stoves with the finest pork meat!

Available on: Shopee


11. Kim Peng Hiang 金品香

Established in the 1930s, Kim Peng Hiang originally operated at the now-defunct Pearls Centre in Chinatown. Later, the shop relocated to a row of shophouses along Changi Road, where it continues to thrive.

Their bak kwa stands out by using sliced pork instead of minced pork, typically found in other varieties. This technique, less prone to crumbling, yields a slightly chewy and more tender texture. Notable choices include the classic Sliced Royal Pork, featuring a thicker cut compared to counterparts from other stores and boasting a subtle smoky aftertaste.


12. Kim Hua Guan 金华源

Established in the 1960s, Kim Hua Guan has solidified its position as one of the most traditional brands in the barbecued meat industry today, boasting several branches across Singapore.


Note: All details are correct as at the time of publishing. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information, no guarantee is given nor responsibility is taken for errors or omissions in the compilation. Readers are advised to check with the respective owners, business or organisers for the most updated schedules, venues and details.


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