Sometimes, it can feel like caring for a boy is just a little bit more challenging than caring for a girl, simply because we’re girls ourselves. We all know the benefits and importance of spending one-on-one time with our sons, but it’s easy and perfectly normal to find yourself with little energy left at the end of the day to engage our little men in something meaningful that doesn’t involve tussles on the couch or mud on the floor.

Activities For Mothers And Sons To Bond

It’s true – boys do tend to thrive a lot more in physical activity, sweat and grime.

Don’t worry – this list of 8 activities you can enjoy with your son will be just the thing to get you going! Oh, and an energy-boosting juice would probably help too.

1. Wash dad’s car

Surprise Dad with a sparkling clean car, and get your son to be your accomplice! Even very young boys can help with wiping the car body dry or vacuuming the seat cushions. In case you’ve never cleaned a car before, here’s a (commercial) video that shows you how!

2. Shoot some hoops

Who says only Dad can play basketball with his son? You can too! Get a ball and try dribbling with your son using shoes as cone markers. Practice passing to each other. Now it’s time to shoot some hoops at the basketball court downstairs or at your nearest community centre!

3. Jump!

Work up a huge appetite with some crazy fun jumping for joy at Singapore’s first and only trampoline park. Even if you’ve never jumped on a trampoline before, you’ll get the hang of it in no time! Bounce away!

Amped Indoor Trampoline Park:

4. Be a master builder

Did you catch the Lego Movie with your son? Most little boys love building and constructing all manner of creations, and blocks like Lego are great for inspiring creative little minds and developing their fine motor skills and spatial awareness. Invest in a model kit that you can work on together. Some examples below:

  • For boys 0 – 2 years old: Farm Tractor
  • For boys 3 – 4 years old: Juniors Construction
  • For boys 5 – 6 years old: Police – The Great Escape
  • For boys 7 – 8 years old: Fire Emergency

5. Play with the animals

If your son is an animal lover, bring him to The Animal Resort, where he can interact with animals in a rural, kampong – like setting, a sight you don’t often see in modern, cosmopolitan Singapore. The Animal Resort provides a boarding service for pets, somewhat like an animal version of a hostel. Members of the public are free to explore the grounds and interact with the many animals there. For a token fee, you can also purchase feed for the animals.

The Animal Resort
T81 Seletar West Farmway 5 Singapore 798061
Tel: 6338 7665
Open 10am to 5pm daily

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6. Craft with cardboard

Make good use of those empty cartons that have been cluttering up your storeroom or house these past few months (or years) and turn them into something splendid. Here are some fun ideas:

7. Go cycling

Rent a tandem bike and go for a spin along the East Coast Park. This way, you won’t have to worry about your son speeding on ahead too fast in front of you, or lagging behind, and you’ll work together to get the bike and yourselves to your destination. If your son is too young to ride a bike just yet, consider renting a bicycle with child-seat, so he can perch there comfortably and safely while you cycle.

Here are some parks and to cycle in Singapore.

8. Go on a nature trail

Take a long walk with your son. It could be around the neighbourhood, or in a park, or, if you’re more adventurous and fit, up Bukit Timah Hill! Bring along a disposable camera, and let him have a go at snapping his own pictures. Pick up fallen leaves and twigs to examine. Stop to look at an interesting bird or to water a parched plant. Enjoy nature, enjoy life!

By Dorothea Chow.

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