Entering Primary 1 is a very exciting time for a child and the parents but it is also a time of great adjustment and transition. Being well prepared and ready for school would make a great start to the exciting learning journey ahead.

preparing for p1

How then can parents make sure their child is well-prepared and ready for learning at the next level?

The FIRST thing to understand is that – school readiness is more than and beyond just the academics.

We need to look at readiness in the following aspects:

(i) Cognitive Readiness

Does the child have skills for learning, such as the ability to pay attention without being distracted, understand the teacher’s instructions or being able to read and copy without careless mistakes?

(ii) Physical / Motor Readiness

Does the child have good control over his/her physical self in areas such as balance, coordination, directionality?

(iii) Social Readiness

Does the child have the ability to handle social situations with skills such as taking turns, sharing teachers’ time, following instructions, making friends?

Beyond their ABCs and 123s, we have found that readiness in the above areas also plays an important role in the transition to Primary 1. And parents can and should take an active approach to prepare their child in these important skill sets.

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