If you like kitting your child and you in matching togs, you’re not alone! More and more parents – yes, dads included – are jumping on the matchy-matchy bandwagon, and the number of shops that cater to such fashion options is also on the rise.

Granted, more places offer matching outfits for mothers and daughters than any other configuration, but we managed to find a few that do have the men in mind as well.

Check out our top choices of matchy-matchy retailers!


1. mimi mono 奈美良

Matching Family outfit mimi monoPhoto credit: mimi mono 奈美良

Elevate your family’s style with Mimi Mono, a lifestyle brand that seamlessly blends art and playfulness into exquisite outfits for mothers and kids. Ethically sourced, skin-friendly cotton forms the canvas for their unique designs. With a belief that beautiful things enhance parent-child relationships, Mimi Mono’s coordinated ensembles make dressing up a delightful shared experience.

🌐 mimimono.sg


2. First Stitch

Matching Family outfits First StitchPhoto credit: First Stitch

Embark on a journey with First Stitch, a brand rooted in humble beginnings in the 1980s. Over 30 years, they have dedicated themselves to creating well-thought-out and cared-for garments. Passionate about achieving the best fit, First Stitch combines affordability with quality, offering ready-to-wear garments that stand the test of time.

🌐 firststitch.co


3. Shopee

Matching Family outfit ShopeePhoto credit: Shopee

For a diverse range of family fashion options, explore Shopee’s extensive collection. From trendy outfits for kids to coordinating family sets, Shopee provides a convenient one-stop shopping experience. Browse through a wide array of styles and brands, making it easy to find the perfect matching family outfits for any occasion.

🌐 shopee.sg


4. Le Petit Society

Matching Family outfits Le Petit SocietyPhoto credit: Le Petit Society

Founded on the principle that great style should be accessible to everyone, Le Petit Society offers top-quality, Asia-made garments for kids. A Singaporean couple’s vision in 2012, the brand combines comfort and style for all occasions and ages. Discover their diverse collections that cater to the fashion-forward family.

🌐 lepetitsociety.com


5. Toddley Thoughts

Matching Family outfits Toddley ThoughtsPhoto credit: Toddley Thoughts

Make family moments memorable with Toddley Thoughts, where personalization is key. Crafted by a professional team of designers, their products are unique gifts and timeless baby keepsakes. Embrace family bonding through matching family wear, and personalize onesies and baby apparel to create the cutest, perfect outfits for your loved ones.

🌐 toddleythoughts.com


6. Moley Apparels

Matching Family outfits Moley ApparelsPhoto credit: Moley Apparels

Moley Apparels believes in simplicity: well-made, long-lasting, and sensibly-priced clothes for children. With vibrant prints and quality fabrics, their collections ensure comfort and style for every occasion. Invest in clothes your kids love to live in, designed to withstand playtime and make every penny worth it.

🌐 moleyapparels.com


7. Label of Love Studio

Label of Love Studio believes in combining functionality with style. From name labels to baby clothing, their products stand out with strong designs and high-quality materials. Elevate your everyday essentials with personalized gift boxes and hampers, embracing the belief that functional pieces should always look good.

🌐 labeloflovestudio.com


8. The Missing Piece

Matching Family outfits The Missing PiecePhoto credit: The Missing Piece

Explore The Missing Piece, a Singaporean label specializing in modern cheongsams and coordinated family ensembles. Combining timeless silhouettes with handpicked, comfortable fabrics, each piece is crafted for the woman on the go, ensuring effortless style and comfort for formal, casual, or daily wear. With soft, breathable materials imported from South East Asia and the US, The Missing Piece offers tasteful and comfortable clothing for women, kids, and men, completing the family wardrobe with missing pieces of elegance.

🌐 iwantthemissingpiece.com


9. The Closet Lover

Matching Family outfits The Closet LoverPhoto credit: The Closet Lover

Built on the foundation of sisterhood, The Closet Lover values deep relationships and open communication. Prioritizing customers at every step, their pieces are crafted with the intention to make you look and feel good. Dive into a world where fashion meets empowerment, and every piece tells a story of sisterly connection.

🌐 theclosetlover.com


10. Sea Apple

Matching Family outfits Sea ApplePhoto credit: Sea Apple Facebook

Dive into the world of Sea Apple, a design-led modern clothing brand catering to children aged 0 to 12 years. Known for original prints and 100% GOTS organic cotton, Sea Apple introduces its coordinated family set collection for the new year. Celebrate the joy of dressing up siblings and the entire family with comfort and style.

🌐 seaappleshop.com


Note: All details are correct as of the time of publishing. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information, no guarantee is given nor responsibility is taken for errors or omissions in the compilation. Readers are advised to check with the respective owners for the most updated details.

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