Your baby has been into different environments from the womb to the hospital until he comes to the place you call home. Transitions are sometimes difficult to adapt to especially for the newborn so you need to prepare everything necessary for the baby to comfortably fit in with the new surroundings.

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As parents, it is your responsibility to check on all aspects of the home for the safety and ease of the baby. The following are ten things you are advised to do for the arrival of the newborn:

#1 Travel safely with the baby. Make sure you have provided a car seat especially made for him or her. Practice tucking the device inside the car long before the travel time so that you can check on some installation flaws if there are any.

#2 Set up the nursery at home. Complete necessities two weeks or more before the arrival. Keep baby furniture like the dresser or the crib in place. Decorate the room with colors and stuff which are safe. Here are 28 Must Buy Things for Your Newborn Baby.

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#3 It would be very hard for parents to buy in the store when the baby is already home so you need to shop ahead of the arrival. Baby wipes, diapers and bottles of baby oil and baby powder should be stored and be ready to use. If you are not breastfeeding, you can keep some extra feeding bottles and formula milk for emergency use.

#4 In the nursery don’t just keep food and other baby stuff but also things necessary in the caring for the baby like feeding blankets, clothing and washcloths.

#5 The mother may not have enough time to prepare food for the entire family because of the new baby so there should also be a supply of food that is easy to prepare. Frozen or microwavable meals are advisable.

#6 Prepare a list of people you need for the care of the baby, especially their contact information. This will help you refrain from scrambling around in instances when you need the doctor or the pediatrician.

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#7 Parents should talk to the baby’s siblings and introduce the changes along with the arrival. Let them know what to expect in a home with an infant and show them how they should act as older brothers or sisters.

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#8 Decide whether you should opt for breastfeeding or bottle-feeding so you will know what to prepare. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the two especially if you plan to work after giving birth.

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#9 Seek help from friends, family members or neighbors who are available to run errands for you. You need a support system and you don’t have to take all the responsibilities at home. A little help can mean a lot of rest and bonding time for you and your baby.

#10 Plan your finances. In your desire to provide only the best for the baby, you might lose track of your real budget and get into unfavorable predicaments in the end.

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The arrival of the new baby is something to prepare for. It is best that you provide the things you need for the newborn while pregnant so you won’t end up rushing during the arrival.

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