One of the most anticipated developments in the life of the baby is infant teething. Maturity is clearly indicated by the baby’s first set of teeth clearly signifying his preparedness to go beyond the milk and explore new kinds of foods to aid in his development.

infant teething

Infant teething is a painful journey for babies so parents should be aware of some home remedies which can alleviate the pain suffered by the baby caused by the breaking out of gums and emergence of the tooth.

Once you have noticed that your baby is beginning to give something a bite and that gums are swollen, some of these interventions could be done:

▪ Satisfy your baby’s urge to bite and chew by providing teething bling, cookies, tablets and gels or teether toys. This could not only prevent the baby from putting into his mouth anything but will also relieve him of the pain.

▪ Whole honeybees and chamomile could also help alleviate the teething pain. These are substances that soothe the baby and divert their pains into a calming therapy.

▪ Clove oil is known for its calming and warming properties. Hold a clove against a sore tooth can ease the pain long enough. You can also rub the oil onto the swollen gums to ease the pain. However, you have to make sure the amount of oil that the baby could take in should be minimal because too much of it can cause stomach troubles.

▪ Have the infant chew on natural licorice stick. The licorice is naturally cool and has the ability to numb the gums during teething.

▪ Avoid candies as a teething tool. The sugar will not be good to the developing teeth.

▪ Rub pure vanilla extract on the swollen gums of the infant. The rubbing effect could ease the teething pain by providing counter pressure. Vanilla also contains alcohol that creates a warm sensation for temporary comfort. Moreover, vanilla is known for its soothing and energizing effect that could ease the baby pain.

▪ Soothe the infant with music or soft massage.

▪ Consult your doctor for pain relievers appropriate for babies which could be applied or taken before bedtime.

▪ Rum should not be applied to ease baby pain. Alcohol has never been good to anyone especially to babies.

There are a lot of myths encompassing the teething journey of the baby. What is important is for the mother to be able to seek for professional help if home remedies are not yet enough to alleviate the baby’s condition. Be careful with objects which are said to aid on infant teething like teething stone which is associated with baby choking. Seek the best way to ease the baby’s pain. Your little effort would mean a lot of relief.

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