Nestled within Queenstown’s SkyOasis @ Dawson, the spider playground has become a cherished haven for children, celebrated for its unique features that offer both joy and challenges in every playful interaction. Delve into the shared experiences of fellow residents who have found delight in this distinctive playground in the accompanying article.

Spider Playground at SkyOasis @ Dawson

Spider Playground SkyOasis Queenstown

Recently unveiled in January, the SkyOasis @ Dawson now boasts an iconic giant spider slide and a climbing facility adorned with suspension bridges. Amidst the towering housing blocks of the estate, the spider playground emerges as a captivating focal point, distinguished by its sea foam green thorax and eight bright yellow legs that boldly stand out in the heart of the community.

Spider Playground Dawson

Children are invited to explore the spider’s intricacies by ascending into a hidden crawl space, complemented by additional climbing ropes and handholds strategically placed on the spider’s frame. Tailored for ages 6 to 12 years old, the playground, located in front of Block 40B Margaret Drive, caters to the diverse age group that calls the community home.

SkyOasis Spider Playground

A small platform within the spider leads to an exhilarating slide, offering a swift exit for the adventurous youngsters who conquer the climb. To complete the spider experience, a webbed hammock is slung beneath, providing a whimsical space for children to relax, swing, and revel in the charm of being beneath a colossal spider.

Sky Oasis @ Dawson Margaret Drive

Additionally, a new and vibrant playground has emerged as the latest attraction in town, situated at the replacement site for Tanglin Halt SERS residents. Inspired by the lively biodiversity in the surrounding park, including the Friendly Spider and its companions, the Sky Oasis @ Dawson playground beckons children to climb and explore the Friendly Spider’s web. A rope hammock suspended by its legs offers a chill-out spot, while a ladder leads to the spider’s body, providing a vantage point through peeping holes for a panoramic view. The playground promises an enjoyable slide down for a quick and easy exit, adding to the diverse and exciting play options for residents and visitors alike.

While you are there, remember to check out the new outdoor adventure playground nearby at Blk 40.

Outdoor adventure playground Margaret Drive

There are 2 x slides, 2 x climbing area and 1 x playground.

Outdoor adventure playground Sky Oasis

How to Go to Spider Playground at SkyOasis @ Dawson Singapore

Address: 40B Margaret Drive Singapore 142040
Bus: 32, 51, 111, 122, 145, 186, 195, 970
Nearest MRT: Queenstown MRT
Opening Hours: 24 hours
Admission: FREE

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