My child is addicted to my iPad and throws a fit when I take it away. How can I wean him off?

We cannot deny the influence and the purpose of technology such as iPads and mobile phones. Even in schools today, the use of iPads are common among educators and learners. However, over-reliance on these gadgets and their ill effects should be avoided.

my child is addicted to iphone

  • Set the rules when allowing your children to use iPads

Such as how long he can be on the iPad, when he can use it and so on. There should be strict ruling on no iPad and mobile phones during meal times.

  • Take the lead by not using the iPad at home or anywhere in front of the child

Engage them in other activities such as reading books, playing board games and toys.

  • Use social stories to teach them

The Oxford Reading Tree series The Power Cut tells an interesting story about a group of children who discovered that they could have fun without technologies.

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My pre-schooler heard his peers using vulgarities in school and picked it up. He uses them at home without knowing the meaning of these words. How can I discourage him from using it?

  • Address the issue with the school

Highlight to the teachers in the school that some of the children are using vulgarities and this has caused other children to pick them up and use it at home, without understanding the ill-meanings and the implications. The teachers in the school can ensure that such practices to be put to a stop.

  • Be the example for your child

Parents should make sure that they don’t use vulgarities even when they are in situations when they are cross or upset. Whatever the reasons may be, parents should indicate to their children that they do not use such bad words; hence their children too have no reason or excuse to use them.

Attend to the child immediately when he uses the bad word. Indicate that you’re not happy with it and remind the child not to do it again. Spend some time explaining to the child about the meanings and the implications. Seriously, they are never too young to be explained to.

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These questions were answered by Dr. Haslina Hassan, Senior Educational Therapist and Counsellor at MindChamps Allied Care.

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MindChamps Allied Care uses evidence-based practice, an integration of research evidence with clinical expertise and your child’s values and preference to achieve improved therapy outcomes. The MindChamps Allied Care team strongly believes in working closely with family to support your child’s development.

This was first published in The New Age Parents Enrichment and Preschool Resource Guide.

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