Signature Civic District festival returns with fresh perspectives through programmes with diverse creatives and renowned artists over extended three-week run

Light to Night 2022

Light to Night, a marquee event of Singapore Art Week, will illuminate the Civic District and beyond from 14 January to 3 February 2022 with an immersive and expanded line-up of day to night programmes. Organised by National Gallery Singapore in collaboration with its Civic District partners, Light to Night 2022 offers over 60 engaging and multi-sensory experiences for all in its continued phygital format. For the first time, the festival will be held over three weeks, inviting audiences to forge deeper connections with art wherever they are.

Light to Night 2022 inspires audiences to engage with the world anew through the theme “New Ways of Seeing, Thinking and Being”. This year’s theme champions the collective pursuit of new perspectives and states of mind in a bid to gain a better understanding of how the world has evolved in the “new normal”. Artists and creatives were challenged to create commissions to uncover new perspectives and stimulate conversations through art from the National Collection, the Civic District’s history and relevant social issues.

Light to Night National Gallery Singapore 2022

The visual arts festival continues to expand its network of emerging creatives to deliver interactive experiences that uncover fresh artistic possibilities and diverse voices. Among these partnerships is Move For?ward (Unseen:Inside Out), produced by Unseen Art Initiatives, an immersive multi-sensory installation featuring the voices and stories of 12 individuals from the visually impaired community. The festival will continue building on its partnership with Kolektif – an experimental youth programme that empowers youth to bring their creativity to the museum.

The festival will also present a cutting-edge interactive outdoor augmented reality (AR) exhibition through its inaugural collaboration with Acute Art, a leading AR art production studio. Acute Art will present AR artworks by leading artists and premiere a new commission by local artist Ho Tzu Nyen. This marks the first time that Acute Art is featuring a Singaporean artist in its international roster of artists, which include KAWS, Cao Fei and Olafur Eliasson.

The festival is spearheaded by National Gallery Singapore, in collaboration with The Arts House, Asian Civilisations Museum, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, National Library Board, and Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall.

Programmes spotlighting novel modes of presenting art, diverse perspectives, and less heard voices

Outdoor AR exhibition in partnership with Acute Art

Audiences are invited to discover the works of renowned international artists in this outdoor AR exhibition set against the iconic backdrop of the Civic District. Held in partnership with Acute Art, this initiative features a new art commission by Singaporean artist Ho Tzu Nyen. Festival-goers can look forward to cutting-edge interactive augmented reality artworks from a roster of international artists like KAWS, Olafur Eliasson, Cao Fei and many others.

Light to Night 2022 National Gallery Singapore

Move For?ward (Unseen:Inside Out)

Spearheaded by performance artists Claire Teo with Kira Lim, the project is a collaborative process of creating a multi-sensorial, immersive arts installation of sound works, together with a diverse group of 12 visually impaired co-creators, music composer and audience experience lead Clarence Chung, and installation artist and design lead Samuel Woo. Grounded by the personal lived experiences and voices of the co-creators, the artists hope that through listening to these real voices, perceptions of the disabled community may begin to evolve through constructive and meaningful social change.

Kolektif Take Over

Light to Night 2022 Kolektif Take OverKolektif Take Over. Image Credit: National Gallery Singapore

As an experimental youth programme that empowers young people aged 17 to 25 years old, Kolektif seeks to empower youth to bring their creativity and concerns to the art museums, driven by the desire to bring authentic youth leadership into the museum space. Light to Night 2022 will include engaging online and offline programmes by Kolektif.

Well-loved highlights and novel additions that will delight audiences

Art Skins on Monuments

Festival-goers are encouraged to take a stroll around the Civic District and iconic spaces within National Gallery Singapore, such as the Rotunda Library & Archive, and immerse themselves in a world of colour and light as cultural institutions come to life with light projections from local art talents.

Light to Night 2022 Flight by LiteWerkzFlight by LiteWerkz. Image Credit: National Gallery Singapore

Light to Night 2022 features artworks by Jo Ho & Intriguant’s Into Multiplicities, which reflects on the influx of information in our hyperdigital age, and Refractioned by SuperCyberTown & Metamo Industries, which presents synthesised photography of iconic HDB blocks and Singaporean architecture taken during Circuit Breaker – both artworks are accompanied by soundscapes. Nanyang Polytechnic’s Digital Media students also return to the festival with unique and institutional-centric projections for The Arts House, Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall, and Asian Civilisations Museum. These projections were created under the Art Skins on Monuments Mentorship Programme, guided by mentors Safuan Johari and Brandon Tay.

Light to Night 2022 Civic District

New spaces for public art installations

True to its aim of elevating experiences each year, the festival expands the venues of its installations, including the Gallery’s Singapore Courtyard, which will house Making Room by Jerome Ng Xin Hao and Zed Haan with Finbarr Fallon. Around the Civic District, catch public art installations such as The Everyday Vinyl by DASSAD at the Art Connector, and not one, but two installations at the Padang – Flight by LiteWerkz and Fragment of a Shoreline by Spatial Anatomy and Akai Chew with OFTRT. The Arts House Lawn will feature The Same Side of the Moon Always Faces Earth by Speak Cryptic, which explores the subject of migration. Memory Portals by Debbie Ding at ACM Green invites audiences to peer into three glowing doorways, interpreting memories of the Singapore River as portals into alternate, fantastical realities. Other engaging installations will also be on display at the Esplanade Park during the festival.

Light to Night 2022 Singapore

This edition, festival-goers can also celebrate the history and culture of Singapore, beyond the Civic District, with the National Library Board’s (NLB) Curiocity: Places & Perspectives, a showcase of NLB’s collections via visual showcases, programmes and online content.

Light to Night Fragment of a Shoreline by Spatial AnatomyFragment of a Shoreline by Spatial Anatomy and Akai Chew with OFTRT. Image Credit: National Gallery Singapore

Art and Technology presentations

Exploring new means of bringing visual art to life through virtual reality and synesthetic experiences, the festival also delivers digitally enriched art experiences to be exclusively premiered in the Gallery’s Y-Lab space. This includes An Imagined Past – a VR experience by Yanni Chia, a VR-supported 360 video artwork titled An Other Face by Tang Ling Nah, and an interactive installation titled Sonic Archive by Ong Kian Peng.

Fresh takes to the National Collection

The festival takes its theme further by presenting works from the National Collection in a new light, featuring Everything the Light Touches: Panorama Paintings from Private Collections at The Arts House.

Programmes that foster appreciation for art at its multidisciplinary intersections

Funny Fridays

Funny Fridays is a live-comedy series where stand-up comedians share their stories about how they have adapted to the new normal, and found humour in this pandemic situation. With the exciting prospect of returning to a live stage, watch comedians tell tales that will make audiences laugh despite these strange times.

Gallery Gigs and Gallery Gigs: Live

Light to Night 2022 Gallery Gigs featuring SezairiGallery Gigs featuring Sezairi. Image Credit: National Gallery Singapore

Gallery Gigs is a series of online, pre-recorded performances that go beyond the spotlight to feature the stories of local performing artists in response to the National Collection, including spoken word artist Shivram Gopinath and dancer-choreographer Germaine Cheong.

Featuring live performances by local artists, Gallery Gigs: Live seeks to stimulate new ways of thinking, seeing, dialogue and engagement. Look out for live performances by musicians Sezairi, Keyana and more, which will also be livestreamed on IG Live.


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