The Singapore Science Centre was abuzz with activities on 21 June 2014 as 500 parents and children joined NTUC U Family for a day of fun and science exploration at Learning Amazement. Participants were ushered to The Marquee and divided into three groups. There were three interactive stations in total – The Gallery Hunt, the Indoor and Outdoor Science Experiment.

Learning Amazement

The Gallery Hunt

At the Gallery Hunt, families were invited to explore 12 different sections within the Science Centre. In each of the different sections, children interacted with stimulating exhibitions and learnt interesting science facts through games and experiments.

What Do Waves Sound Like?

Learning Science at Singapore Science Centre

Children learnt about sound waves by playing unique musical instruments to find out what creates an illusion to the things they see. The EcoGarden located outside of the Science Centre was also part of the Gallery Hunt where children get to explore nature and learn about the medical purposes of the different kinds of plants. Upon completing all the questions on the Gallery Hunt, children were even given a small prize!

Explore, Experiment, Experience

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Next up was the Indoor Science Experiments. These were conducted inside The Marquee where it was spacious and air-conditioned, sheltering everyone from the hot sun. The group was further split up into smaller groups to go to the respective Science stations. Off to the stations we go!

Station 1: Che-Mystery and Hands Up

science experiments for kids.JPG

Children and parents discovered how to create carbon dioxide by mixing citric acid and baking powder. The children experimented on their own and watched how the chemical reaction caused their vinyl glove to magically stand up from the plastic cup on its own!

creating carbon dioxide - science experiment

Station 2: Lava Lamps

Children get to create their very own lava lamp by using daily household items such as the cooking oil, Vitamin C tablets and water! Children marvelled at the sight of small gas bubbles floating around as they added Vitamin C tablets into the container filled with cooking oil and water.

Station 3: Indoor fireworks

Children get to see the reaction of copper sulphate, iron and magnesium under fire! Special glasses were given out and everyone was in awe at the beautiful light effects created.

Station 4: Stunts In The Air

This was a hot favourite among the little scientists. Children learnt about air pressure and what it takes for a plane to perform stunts in the air. They had the opportunity to try out the different stunts with their very own aeroplanes!

Station 5: Coke and Mentos Rockets

coke and mentos rocket

An outdoor science experiment and another hot favourite, children uncovered the truths behind putting Mentos sweets into Coke which caused a huge explosion that can send a rocket flying high up into the sky. Shrieks of laughter were heard as the children witnessed the rockets shoot high up into the sky!

Station 6: Adventures in the Air

Science experiments - Air Zookas

Children get to challenge one another in pairs to shoot the cup off their opposing team mate’s head with “Air Zookas” (made up of plastic pail with a plastic bag and rubber bands) and learn about how air travel in an interactive way.

Overheard voices during the day:

“I like the outdoor experiment. It’s so cool when the coke bottle flies up in the sky!” – Eng Yaw Wei, 10 years old

“I like the gas station!” – Eng Yaw Yi, 7 years old

“I like the rocket launcher because it’s so cool!” Ashton, 8 years old

“I like the aeroplane station! Whoooosh!” – Gwen, 6 years old

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Learning Amazement Group Photo by NTUC U Family

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By Chia Yi Wen and Michelle Ang | Photos by The New Age Parents and NTUC U Family

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